Monday, April 13, 2009

What makes a good sports year?

We're coming up on the end of another sports year, which is defined as the period between the opening day of College Football season to the end of the NBA finals, and I just have one thing to say: What a crap year this has been.

Maybe this post is a little premature, seeings how the NBA Finals are still more than a month away, but since the Jazz have decided to stop playing basketball (I'm not really sure what sport they decided to start playing out there... Squash?), my heart just isn't in the NBA anymore. The sports year is officially over.

Or, rather, it will be when the Jazz are systematically torn apart by the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

Anyway, I was watching the Masters on Sunday, wishing Phil Mickelson would stop missing 5-foot birdie putts, and I started to put together a list of everything that makes a good sports year. Here's what I came up with.

BYU football
Good: BYU beats Utah, grabs at least a share of the MWC title, wins bowl game
Better: BYU kills Utah, outright MWC championship, wins BCS bowl game
Best: BYU wins national championship, Shuts Utah out 63-0, and Kyle Whittingham gets in a fistfight with his grandmother

Good: Red Sox win the World Series
Better: Cubs win the World Series
Best: MLB shortens the season by 100 games

Good: Colts beat Patriots, go on to win Super Bowl
Better: Peyton Manning beats up Tom Brady, steals his girlfriend
Best: Steve Young comes out of retirement, gives me reason to watch NFL again

BYU Basketball
Good: Win one NCAA tournament game
Better: Win one NCAA tournament game
Best: Seriously--just one

Good: Phil Mickelson holds off Tiger to win the Masters
Better: Mickelson wins 3 majors, Tiger wins none
Best: Mickelson wins the grand slam, loses 30 pounds and makes a guest appearance on "Entourage"

Good: The Utah Jazz get homecourt advantage in the playoffs
Better: The Jazz win the Western Conference championship
Best: The Jazz win the NBA championship, Deron Williams gives Carlos Boozer the double-bird on national television

What else would make a good sports year? Leave your additions to the list in the comments below.


Trav said...

finally a new post!

Here's my year:

1)BYU wins an ncaa tourney game
2) Utah hires a clown of a coach to guide a once-proud basketball program. Said clown takes advantage of a senior laden team, especially a Frankenstein-esque Australian center, and Chris Hill uses all his built-up goodwill to sell out the MWC and get the Utes a good 5 seed they don't deserve against an opponent who get an at-large bid with an RPI in the high 60s who doesn't deserve to be in. This all gives the delusional Ute fans hope that "Ute bball is back." Utah and said clown coach proceed to crap the bed against that crappy team in the first round. Was it really that surprising after a home loss to Southwest Baptist?

Ammon said...

Just a friendly comment from someone passing by. Maybe the reason your sports year sucked is because of your expectations. I was just noticing that your requirements for a good sports year, not even a great one are highly unlikely. I mean;

1) BYU win a tourney game? They don't even dominate their conference. Sure they are great at home, but they don't own the MWC like say Memphis owns Conf. USA and they don't even win the Conf. Tourney regularly so they are getting in as an at-large from the MWC meaning most likely they are going to be the lower seed, combine that with their track record and you may be in for another 16 years of disappointment.

2) Jazz getting homecourt in the playoffs? Now I'm as big a Jazz fan as the next person and I know they've been injured for most of the year, but with the way they play on the road and considering how much better the west is than the east, they are lucky to be in the playoffs at all. A six game series with the Lakers would count as a good year for me and when you factor in Sloan and Stockton as double HOF inductees that makes it great. (I guess technically you could count that as being next year too though).

3) Phil holding off Tiger to win the Masters? Highly unlikely. Possible? Yes, but highly unlikely. Lefty winning 3 majors to Tiger's 0? IMPOSSIBLE!

4) BYU fottball will give you a good year every other year, and although it's great to see them schedule teams like OU and FSU, that fact combined with the lowering of expectations from the "Quest for Perfection" status to try and ease some pressure off of the team is essentially kissing a BCS game goodbye.

Anyways... just my opinion.

T. Skouson said...

I think they should lump BYU and Utah into the Pac-10 to make it an even 12, then split into 2 divisions like the SEC. I think then the Pac-12 would then get a bit more coverage by the East leaning ESPN and would get more poll respect. What do you think?