Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BYU Happenings

Wow. A whole mess of stories are brewing for BYU players and alumni alike.

First, Linebacker Matt Ah You has decided to transfer. As with all cases of transfer my first question is "Why?" Unfortunately, BYU beat writers never really pursue this question. It has to be due to our Mormon culture and BYU's honor code. People automatically assume players only transfer from BYU due to honor code violations, and squawk that such matters should be left private. But this is exactly why beat writers should get the whole story--to dispel rumors.

Then again, if these reporters actually do their jobs and print the whole story they are put on the pike for airing the dirty laundry of a childish college student. So it's a fine line.

Anyway, none of that has to do with Ah You. Apparently, according to this article from Total Blue Sports, he's transferring because he's not getting the playing time he wants at BYU. Best of luck at Dixie State, kid.

Second, John Beck was picked up last week by the Baltimore Ravens. Beck was re-united with Cam Cameron, the head coach at Miami who drafted him. Maybe it's because I have such fond memories of the 2006 season, but I'm really pulling for Beck. He was such a general here at BYU; hopefully he can get it done in the NFL... eventually.

Beck will battle Ohio State alum Troy Smith to back up Joe Flacco. This is good, because A. Troy Smith sucks rocks, and B. Flacco is not exactly a legacy quarterback. Things could go south real quick, and Beck may have a good opportunity in the near future.

Third, check out this article from Greg Wrubell about the depth BYU will have next basketball season. You read it hear first, BYU is going to have an historic year next year.

And what's the deal with this article from the Deseret News BYU blog about Kyle Collinsworth? I know it's your job to keep things interesting, Mr. Rayburn, but come on. Kyle Collinsworth not a lock? Chris Collinsworth transferring? Talk about drumming up excitement about nothing. Chris is solid, and the only way BYU could miss out on Kyle is if Dave Rose accidentally backs over the Collinsworth family dog on the way out of his driveway.

Finally, if you're a BYU fan who held on to the hope that the Cougs might land Brighton high DT Ricky Heimuli, you better wake up right now before you get too attached. In addition to being offered a scholarship from EVERY (re-read: EVERY) school in the Pac-10, Heimuli has offers from Michigan, Michigan State and Oklahoma. Anyone honestly think BYU has a shot at this kid? So long, Rick.


Russ Nelson said...

Thanks for the update AO. How about a little NFL draft analysis/predictions?

Rock said...

That was a good little read. It was kind of like the Graham Watson lunchtime links, but all BYU sports.