Friday, May 01, 2009

Good call, coach

The Deseret News reported earlier today that Matt Pinegar, backup BYU point guard, will no longer be on the BYU basketball team. His scholarship will be vacated, which will give BYU and coach Dave Rose one more open slot on the team.

Pinegar and Rose came to this decision, presumably, after Pinegar sat out all of last year with a back injury.

I applaud Rose for making this tough decision. No doubt it was a difficult one, but it is a decision which needed to be made. Pinegar was the odd man out in a position where BYU has some good depth. Now BYU is free to pursue another player, possibly in the junior college ranks, that will help push us over the edge.

So who will get the open scholly? The brother of that one dude in South Carolina? A big man from the JC ranks? What do you think?


Andrew said...

Yeah, it may have been tough, but Pinegar was the elephant in the room; nobody has any ill will toward him, but there is just no reason for him to be using up a scholarship when we don't really need him at that position and he wasn't playing anyway...

That said, we could fill his spot with a JC transfer, but maybe only someone who has only used up one year of eligibility. I think we should go for a forward or center who has 3 years left.

Trav said...

Harrison brother. His younger bro jumped over a guy. Pinegar was not jumping over anyone en route to dunking in a game.

Rock said...

Give it to Gavin McGreggor!