Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're behind you, Coach Rose

Some very sad news broke yesterday about Dave Rose, head coach of the BYU Men's Basketball team. Coach Rose has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Though I've never met Dave Rose personally I greatly respect him as a man and as a coach, and I am hurt by this news. I pray that he and his family will be blessed with strength and peace during this horrible time.

Thoughts and prayers are with Coach Rose and his family. All the best coach. Here's hoping you can beat this cancer.


After reading more about this horrible situation, I find myself slightly more optimistic about Rose's future. Apparently Coach Rose has a rare form of pancreatic cancer called pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor cancer. This form, from all reports I've read, is more treatable and has a higher survival rate.

Here are two great articles you can read about Coach Rose and this particular form of cancer:

From Greg Wrubell's BYU Blog:

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thank you Jake!

A little ray of sunshine named Jake Heaps has parted the clouds that hang over LaVell Edwards Stadium.

The latest news is that Jake Heaps will commit to BYU today. He will hold a press conference this afternoon to announce his decision, but local papers are already claiming Heaps will be a Cougar.

Jake Heaps, by the way, is the number one QB prospect in the nation (according to

Thank you for choosing BYU, Jake. We, as fans, won't let you down. I promise.

Now let's talk privately for a bit. I have to ask, Jake... why did you choose BYU? Was it the sexy knee shorts? Did a co-ed escort take you to all the hot religion classes? Actually, I bet it was a Graham Canyon shake at the BYU creamery. That crap would get me to commit to a week's worth of waterboarding.

Whatever the reason, we welcome you to BYU with open arms. Here's hoping you win at LEAST 3 national championships.

Oh, and tell all your big-time buddies to come to BYU too. Thanks.


I just finished watching the press conference and Jake looked like a million bucks. He officially committed to BYU amid raucous applause, and then introduced Texas standout WR Ross Apo and California linebacker Zac Stout who did the same. At the end of the conference all three were smiling from ear to ear, wearing BYU caps and soaking in the cheers.

Good day for BYU football.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our march through Orderville Canyon

This last weekend some friends and I drove down to Zion National Park and hiked Orderville Canyon. It was about a 12-mile hike and it took us a good seven hours.

The hike was absolutely beautiful. We made our way through narrow slot canyons, over waterfalls, around boulders and logjams and finally down the virgin river to the public park area. I can honestly say it was one of the funnest hikes I've ever done. Right up there with the Subway.

I will say, though, I'm still sore.

Here are some pictures I took of our trip:


And if you're interested, here are some places you'll find even more (and better) pictures:

Dan's Picasa Album
Ross' Album