Friday, July 31, 2009

Pressure's on, Max

Did you know that every senior quarterback at BYU since 1975 has led the team to a conference championship?

It's true.

In every season since 1975 when BYU has had a senior QB start every game, they've won a conference crown.

Max Hall, as you probably know, is a senior this year. Here's what Greg Wrubell had to say on the matter:

"It can't be stated any more clearly: if a healthy Max Hall doesn't have a huge season and lead BYU to a conference championship, it will literally be the first time in 35 years that a quarterback in his position hasn't come through with a title and a ton of yards. It's one of the reasons I picked BYU to win the MWC in 2009--I'm just playing the odds."

Not sayin', Max. But I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just finished reading this article, and I can't help but feel a little perterbed by the pitiful WAC.

I don't really get into conference rivalries (or conference pride, for that matter), but to insinuate that the WAC is on par with the MWC is just laughable.

Just look at the head-to-head matchup of every team in both conferences (matchups are based on pre-season media days rankings):

TCU vs. Boise State
BYU vs. Nevada
Utah vs. Fresno State
Air Force vs. Louisiana Tech
UNLV vs. Hawai'i
Colorado State vs. San Jose State
New Mexico vs. Utah State
San Diego State vs. New Mexico State
Wyoming vs. Idaho

Is there a game on that list that the MWC would not win? I mean, things get a little hazy in the middle, with Hawai'i and San Jose State, but those two games are even at best.

The rest are clear wins for the MWC.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but the WAC bugs. I can't stand those potato farmers and snake handlers.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The 2009 mindset

"I'm excited about going into my senior season and feel good about where I'm at. Workouts have been good. Everyone is refocused. Everyone had a bad taste in their mouths after last season. We want to go out and do something about it."

-Dennis Pitta

What must be going through the heads of our beloved Cougars as they prepare to enter fall camp?

On paper, things look pretty good for our boys in blue. Coming off a third 10+ win season, senior leadership at the skill positions, a plethora of returning starters on offense and defense…

And yet things just don’t feel right in Provo. Something is out of balance.

A horrible loss to Utah, followed by a poor showing in the 2008 Las Vegas Bowl vs. Arizona has given BYU a collective case of cottonmouth.

So now how are they feeling? I’m guessing one (or all) of these:


BYU got cased by its most hated rival. Max Hall got picked off like 15 times in one game. BYU’s “Quest for Perfection” missed the mark (by about 40 miles to the north), and they played one of the flattest bowl games of the season on national TV. That, as Rev. Lovejoy would say, is the miracle of shame.


BYU fans are as excited as they’ve ever been about the BYU football program. The problem is… it’s all focused on 2010. The 2010 recruiting class is shaping up to be the biggest in BYU’s history, and we can’t wait until these highly touted athletes get to Provo. Meanwhile, Max Hall and the boys are asking “what about us?”


Perhaps, after last season, the thought has occurred to our Cougars: “I guess we aren’t destined to win.” After two hard losses, and a season that exposed many weaknesses, the locker room may be a little more workman-like. The projector is being used a little more often, workouts are getting a little more intense, and BYU players are working harder than they ever have before.


The Cougars are picked to finish second in the MWC to TCU. They’re also picked to get absolutely destroyed by Oklahoma in the season opener. Suddenly more and more games are looking like a toss-up. However, where we see doubt the team only sees opportunity. They’re hungry to protect LaVell Edwards Stadium, and they’re hungry to beat down their rivals and reclaim the MWC trophy.

I hope our team is feeling every one of these. I hope Dennis Pitta’s senior season turns out to be one of the best in BYU history.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ASB (not) at the MWC Media Days

You know why I love Media Days? It's the first trumpet that signals the coming of a new football season.

Media Days are the scout team that warns my inner villagers that they're about to be pillaged and plundered by another sweet football army.

Right now every MWC football team is represented in Las Vegas (Henderson, actually) with media members swarming around them harrassing them about the upcoming season. They pick their favorites, they ask their questions and they eat some incredible buffets (or so I've heard).

And for the fourth consecutive year ASB was not invited to attend.

I'm not bitter. I understand we're in a recession, and apparently when it comes to chopping the list of invitees blogs are the first to go.

However, if I were invited, here would be my ballot for preseason honors.

Predicted finish:
1. BYU - Veteran team with tough games at home
2. TCU - Speed, speed, speed
3. Air Force - Surprised? So am I, a little bit
4. Utah - New offense and new QB
5. UNLV - Talented offense
6. CSU - Second year under a great coach
7. New Mexico - Lobos struggle with new coach
8. SDSU - Nowhere to go but up
9. Wyoming - Nation's worst offense

MWC Offensive player of the year:

Max Hall - BYU

MWC Defensive player of the year:

Jerry Hughes - TCU

I really wanted to pick Harvey Unga and Jan Jorgenson for Offenive and Defensive POY, respectively, but you know me. I'm all about transparency and accuracy.

Man, I can't wait for football season. Could this be the season we've all been dreaming about?