Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ASB (not) at the MWC Media Days

You know why I love Media Days? It's the first trumpet that signals the coming of a new football season.

Media Days are the scout team that warns my inner villagers that they're about to be pillaged and plundered by another sweet football army.

Right now every MWC football team is represented in Las Vegas (Henderson, actually) with media members swarming around them harrassing them about the upcoming season. They pick their favorites, they ask their questions and they eat some incredible buffets (or so I've heard).

And for the fourth consecutive year ASB was not invited to attend.

I'm not bitter. I understand we're in a recession, and apparently when it comes to chopping the list of invitees blogs are the first to go.

However, if I were invited, here would be my ballot for preseason honors.

Predicted finish:
1. BYU - Veteran team with tough games at home
2. TCU - Speed, speed, speed
3. Air Force - Surprised? So am I, a little bit
4. Utah - New offense and new QB
5. UNLV - Talented offense
6. CSU - Second year under a great coach
7. New Mexico - Lobos struggle with new coach
8. SDSU - Nowhere to go but up
9. Wyoming - Nation's worst offense

MWC Offensive player of the year:

Max Hall - BYU

MWC Defensive player of the year:

Jerry Hughes - TCU

I really wanted to pick Harvey Unga and Jan Jorgenson for Offenive and Defensive POY, respectively, but you know me. I'm all about transparency and accuracy.

Man, I can't wait for football season. Could this be the season we've all been dreaming about?

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Adamson Family said...

i'm just glad there's a new post.

see you at the FSU game