Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just finished reading this article, and I can't help but feel a little perterbed by the pitiful WAC.

I don't really get into conference rivalries (or conference pride, for that matter), but to insinuate that the WAC is on par with the MWC is just laughable.

Just look at the head-to-head matchup of every team in both conferences (matchups are based on pre-season media days rankings):

TCU vs. Boise State
BYU vs. Nevada
Utah vs. Fresno State
Air Force vs. Louisiana Tech
UNLV vs. Hawai'i
Colorado State vs. San Jose State
New Mexico vs. Utah State
San Diego State vs. New Mexico State
Wyoming vs. Idaho

Is there a game on that list that the MWC would not win? I mean, things get a little hazy in the middle, with Hawai'i and San Jose State, but those two games are even at best.

The rest are clear wins for the MWC.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but the WAC bugs. I can't stand those potato farmers and snake handlers.


Trav said...

the WAC is exactly that.

it's full of crappy teams who pad the record of the one decent team who is ugly. Boise state has to play oregon once a year and if they win, it's an undefeated season. unless they can't take care of business against the likes of La Tech.

There's a reason we left you, WAC.

Rock said...

You leave Boise State alone, Adam.

Cade said...

And leave Utah State alone too, Adam.