Wednesday, August 05, 2009

3 reasons why BYU will dominate this year

I admit it, my post the other day was sarcastic and hastily put together. That's what happens when you write something and your heart just isn't into it.

Today, however, I am 100% enthused. Today's post will focus on the positive. Today I will lay out three reasons why this year will be one to remember for Cougar fans.

1. Max Hall

You know what happens when BYU has a senior quarterback? We win championships. Mark it down: Max Hall will join the long line of senior QBs who bring home the gold for BYU. There's something about the leap from their junior year to their senior year--the strides our QBs make in that year are unbelievable.

Max Hall will be the best quarterback in the MWC by far, he'll become the No. 2 all-time leading passer at BYU, he'll be a Davey O'Brien finalist and he'll lead BYU to another conference championship.

2. LaVell Edwards Stadium

Ah, the serene setting of LaVell Edwards Stadium. The blue skies, mountains and roaring fans make the location ideal for putting the beat down on all who enter. BYU has three straight undefeated seasons at home, and they're about to make it four.

Starting with Florida State, who has to travel thousands of miles west and thousands of feet up, BYU will pound everyone who enters the unfriendly confines of LES. We'll put the brakes on TCU, and Utah, who is a mere shadow of its former self, doesn't stand a chance.

BYU's home field is the most intimidating in the conference, and this season will remind everyone in the league that you just don't win in LES.

3. Defense

Thought BYU's defense hit rock bottom last year? You're absolutely right. We saw some big cracks in the armor last year, but the good news is there's nowhere to go but up.

Let me tell you why our defense will be better this year. First, our middle linebackers will be more comfortable in their roles. Matt Bauman and Terrance Hooks will be more athletic and better equipped to cover and blitz.

Second, our safeties will be a huge improvement. Andrew Rich and Scott Johnson are generals on the field. They're incredibly smart, they have a head for the game, they're hard workers, they're assignment-sound and they hit hard.

Third, we have a lot of fresh talent coming in at cornerback. I predict we find a diamond in the rough among all of our JC transfers.

Finally, our defensive line will be the best it's been in a long time. Especially on the ends. Our nose tackle might be a little bit of a question mark, but if Russell Tialavea stays to play this season (which I think he will), our d-line will be solid.

BYU is going to have a great year this year. I predict a 11-1 season (with our only loss to Oklahoma), and a possible BCS bowl invitation.

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