Monday, August 31, 2009

ASB Pick 'em Returns!

Pick 'em: Are there any sweeter 1.5 words in the English language?

It's game week, friends, and to kick off the festivities I am happy to announce the glorious return of ASB Pick 'em. This contest, back by popular demand, was one of the highlights of last season, and this year I hope it will be bigger and better than ever.

Last year's winner, my brother Andy, is lounging comfortably in a brand new BYU T-shirt from the BYU Bookstore, and Perfect-Pick prize winner Mars is no doubt the newest Golden Corral convert after winning a $20 gift card. All as a direct result of my contest.

So in a way... I am clothing and feeding the needy.

And I want to do it all over again in 2009.

Here's how you play: Pick the winner and score for every BYU game this season. Send me your picks at, and check back every Monday for the updated leaderboard. This contest is completely open. If you're reading this sentence, you can (and should) play.


Making your picks: Check out BYU's schedule and pick the winner and final score for every game this season (e.g. "BYU 48, Oklahomo 20). You can make all your picks at once or make them game-by-game (Warning: people that chose the latter option ended up missing a few games due to negligence).

Sending your picks: Email your picks to before kickoff. I will accept scores/changes up to kickoff. If your email is time-stamped before game time I will include your changes.

Scoring: Basically you get 20 points for picking the correct winner (BYU or its opponent) and up to 10 points for picking the correct score. You can either trust me to score your pick correctly or read last year's post for the full details. The running score will be kept in a box on the sidebar of this blog, and will be updated by the Monday after game day, at the latest.

Prizes: The player with the most points at the end of the season will win a BYU T-shirt from the Bookstore ($25 maximum). Additionally, if someone has a perfect pick (with the exact final score) they will receive a gift card to a third-tier eating establishment. I haven't decided which yet. I also reserve the right to award more prizes if necessary.

Good luck everybody, and get me your picks as soon as possible! Please refer to last year's inaugural Pick 'em post for answers to any questions you may have. If you still need more information feel free to email me anytime at


Russ Nelson said...

Pick'em is mine this year!!!

Go Cougs

Rock said...

For home games, I'm going to wait until I've seen both teams warm up before giving you my pick. So watch for a text from me.

You can tell a lot about the outcome of a game by how each team goes through their stretches.

Justin said...

I just went to the chuck homepage. I could go for some scones and honey butter right about now.

Evan said...

I'm in.

Adam said...

All right, I've seen a pretty good response so far. Check the leaderboard on the right to see who has signed up.

Still looking for last year's champion (Andy- get on the horse, buddy). Also, where are all the ladies? Come on you girls, make your picks.

So far the BYU OU picks have been interesting. A handful of BYU wins, a lot of BYU losses and a few picks where BYU is taken to the proverbial Oklahoma Slaughterhouse.

Can't wait to see what happens on the field this Saturday. Go Cougs!

casey said...

I'm a medium. Might as well buy it now, a NC has the tendency inflate t-shirt prices.

Look for my picks later this evening.