Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Write it out: Max Hall

How do you really feel about Max Hall?

I had an interesting conversation with my dad over the weekend. He was reading the sports section, which featured a big story about Max Hall, and he started shaking his head.

"I don't know about Max Hall," he declared. "There's something about him I just don't like."

I dropped my jaw and stared at him in disbelief.

"Dad, Max Hall is by far the best quarterback in the MWC and arguably one of the top five quarterbacks in the nation," I said.

"I know... but I still don't like him."

This shocked me. I nearly dropped my bowl of Kashi. I mean, I know Max has had his down moments, and he certainly has his flaws, but has he really become the guy everybody hates? Is my dad a little bonkos, or is he voicing the opinion shared by the majority of Cougar Nation?

I guess there are two schools of thought. There's the curmudgeonly "Max Hall hasn't proved anything, and makes too many mistakes in big games" school, and the "Max Hall is one of the most accurate, efficient, big-game quarterbacks BYU has ever had" school.

I think I'm in the latter. What about you? How do you really feel about Max Hall? Can he win the big game? Can he lead us to our dream season in 2009? How will he do against the Sooners?

Please: Write it out.


Chase said...

I will first state I'm grateful to have (3) 10+ win seasons - 2 of which Max is partially responsible.

2 conference championships in the last 3 - 1 of which Max is partially responsible.

Largest home winning streak in the last 20-30 years - 2 seasons of which Max is partially responsible for.

Top 25 rankings the last 3 years - 2 of which Max is partially responsible for.

Whatever the stat is about the number of wins in the past 3 years and how only a handful other teams have as many or more wins in that amount of time - 2 seasons of which Max is partially responsible for.

(partially means max is ONE member of a TEAM that made it happen - however a LARGE part of the TEAM)

We just want to get over the hump. We just want to have more than a Vegas Bowl win. We want more. We expect great things of these great young men and great coaching staff. We want perennial national respect. We want non-conference opponents to fear us - ALWAYS.

Say you don't like Max Hall? Ok.
Say you don't like Max's accomplishments? Don't make me remind you of 02'-05'! There has been enough suffering! I'd say his accomplishments are looking pretty good.

We're at a pretty good place. Most teams just want to win. Last 3 years are a pretty good example of winning.

Andrew Young said...

I was personally very proud of Jeff Sorensen for blocking Max Hall like 3 times in a rec league basketball game. Had I been guarding Max, I would have picked his pocket 7 times on his cross over. Max is too streaky of a basketball player and shoots too much.

Does Max still play football too?

Triz said...

Tell your Dad we're no longer friends. Seriously. Sit him down and break up with him for me. Max is the bee's knees. He had a huge meltdown in 1 game. Other than that he's been rock solid. I don't get how you don't like the guy as a Cougar fan. As a Ute fan, sure, I get it, but not as a Cougar fan.

And Andrew, Max was on my city league team and he would school you. He single-handedly brought us back from about 15 down one game for the victory.

Max is also a really, really nice guy, despite the fact that he likes to swear at our opponents. Heck, I like to swear at them too, and I'm not even playing.

Max FTW, and I will fight anyone that says otherwise. Including KO.

Trav said...


I like Max and think he is a good QB, but I have somewhat agree with pappy olsen.

Max has been lukewarm. I know I have become spoiled. I expect perfection. It just seems to me that Max doesn't have the same mastery of the game that other great QBs have. That comes from watching him. Sure, he sometimes has incredible stats, but so did kevin Feterik, right adam?

He definitely deserves credit for a lot of BYU's success the past couple of years. He has made a lot of plays, 4th and 18 being his best. I just hope it still gets better.

Justin said...

As a QB I don't see how anyone could ask for more out of Max. Maybe your dad has a problem with his attitude off the field. The dude is pretty cocky. Not just about football. I can live with that, but I know some people can't get over it. Off the field he is no Jo. Beck. On the field he is well on his way to proving that he is, and maybe more.

Brett said...

You eat Kashi cereal? I don't know what to say.

v4tex said...

With apologies, your dad's an idiot. That is all.

Allen said...

Aside from choking in everything that could be considered a "big-game", Max is pretty good.

Andrew said...

I'm pro Max Hall, and pretty much everyone I know is too. Aside from a couple of unfortunate games to end the season last year (heck, really only the Utah game was terrible) he has been great. I think he will be remembered as "one of the greats" in BYU history. All he needs is a big game in Oklahoma (maybe even a win?) to wash the bitter taste from last year completely away.

Spencer said...

I think Max's legacy might not be fully realized till after this season-maybe even a few years down the road.

I think he has the potential to go down as one of the top quarterbacks we have had for a number of reasons:

1) He has the skills of a John Beck, Ty Detmer and Robbie Bosco.

2) He has the swagger, grit and competitiveness of a McMahon, Young, Sarkisian and Doman.

3) He has 3 full years to make his mark. (When was the last time we had a 3-year starter?)

4) He has/had some great athletes around him in the skill positions.

5) The potential of this year's schedule. Wins against FSU, TCU, Utah are fully expected and very do-able, but to pull off the upset against OU would prove a lot about him.

6) He can bounce back from last season's disappointing losses and tunnel vision and totally redeem himself with a fresh start.

I think Max has been a good quarterback, but he still has the chance to become a great one.

Adam said...

For the record: My dad is a great guy.

Evan said...

I love the Cougs. But I must admit I like Adam's Dad have always had doubts about Max. Maybe it has something do with the not lasting 2 years on the mish thing? He needs a John Beck senior year.

The Upset said...

Max Hall is fantastic. I think his bad games in 2008 were a product of a whole team environment that stemmed from the 'Quest.' Max will be huge this year.

Anonymous said...

I just picked off Max Hall...