Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A bad day for the MWC, bad week for ASB picks

The MWC has its good days and its bad days, apparently.

Last Saturday, with BYU losing to Florida State and Utah losing to Oregon, was what we in the biz call a "bad" day.

Heck- San Diego State even lost to the mighty Vandals of Idaho.

And unfortunately we non-AQ conferences have very little room for error. The second anyone from the MWC loses to a BCS team, ESPN is quick to say "A-ha! I knew the MWC couldn't play with the big boys!"

But respect is neither earned nor lost in one week. The MWC is still a great conference. Here's hoping we bounce back in week 3.

And now a look back at last week's picks:

My pick: BYU 48, FSU 17
Actual: FSU 54, BYU 28

My pick: Oregon: 20, Utah: 14
Actual: Oregon 31, Utah 24

My pick: Wyoming: 24, Colorado: 21
Actual: Colorado 24, Wyoming 0

My pick: SDSU: 33, Idaho: 17
Actual: Idaho 34, SDSU: 20

My pick: Nevada: 28, CSU: 20
Actual: CSU 35, Nevada 20

My pick: Air Force: 31, New Mexico: 13
Actual: Air Force 37, New Mexico 13

My pick: TCU: 52, Texas State: 3
Actual: TCU 56, Texas State 21

My pick: Hawai'i: 30, UNLV: 20
Actual: UNLV 34, Hawai'i 33

**Bonus Pick**

My pick: Florida: 56, Tennessee: 20
Actual: Florida 23, Tennessee 13

This week's record: 4-5
Season record: 12-6


Trav said...

oh man nevada sucks.

and great job on the AF pick

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

How bout Joe Vandal and Co. Gotta love the boys up north.

Triz said...

I challenge you to make predictions for every single college football game this week that involves a D-1 team. Do it. Seriously. Do it.