Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Doman factor

I'm still in a euphoric state after our huge win in Arlington, so I'm going to keep writing about it.

Today I want to mention an offseason move that I believe had a huge impact on our win on Saturday.

The move I'm speaking of? Putting Robert Anae in the booth and moving Brandon Doman down to the sideline. I'm such a huge fan of this move for many reasons, but one in particular that stood out to me on Saturday was the effect Brandon Doman has on his quarterbacks.

Specifically Max Hall.

I saw Doman all over the sidelines on Saturday. He was running up and down with the team, he was talking with Max Hall face to face and he was offering encouragement after Hall's unfortunate interceptions.

Brandon Doman's presence on the sideline certainly contributed to Max Hall's success on the field. Particularly after interceptions, and before the game-winning drive.

He was vocal, he was excited and he was there for his quarterback.

I love Doman. I loved him as a player, and I think he's one of the best coaches on our current staff. The fact that he is on the sidelines, ready and able to look his QBs in the eyes and coach them during the game makes me much more confident about our offense.


Rock said...

I saw Doman on campus once. He parked right by the JSB. Only a star QB gets that kind of parking, and that's just fine with me.

Andrew said...

This was one of my favorite moves of the offseason as well. In my opinion, it plays to each coach's strengths. Anae may be a genius offensive coordinator, but I think a lot of that gets lost in the stresses of the game on the field. It seems like he was a lot more level headed and deliberate when he remained "above it all" so to speak.

Another great coaching shift was giving coach Hill complete autonomy over defensive play calling. The difference really showed on Saturday.