Friday, September 18, 2009

FSU limps off LES field, other Week 3 predictions

I'm so sick of hearing about Florida State's athletes.

All I've heard this week, from BYU fans and media alike, is how fast FSU's players are and how this game is going to be a huge shootout, and that we should be incredibly nervous, and blah blah blah.

I don't buy it for one second.

BYU has played fast teams before. Arizona in '07, UCLA in '08 and, oh yeah, OKLAHOMA just a few weeks ago. They all had athletes. In fact, Oklahoma was the best team BYU has ever faced. They were the fastest, the strongest and the best-coached.

And we beat 'em. We beat 'em all. We even beat Oklahoma in front of 70,000 of their craziest fans.

Do you guys really think we'll have such a tough time with Florida State? At home?

I don't.

First, BYU fans are frothing at the mouth. Did you see us partying in the streets after the Oklahoma upset? Did you see the thousands of fans waiting at the Provo airport for our team to get home? These are the fans that will be packing the uncomfortable benches of LaVell Edwards Stadium on Saturday, and we are ready for our team's homecoming. LES will be loud and proud.

Second, FSU is traveling thousands of miles across the country, and nearly a mile up in elevation. Oh yeah, and this is their first game on the road.

Third, FSU isn't that good. They have no running game, and their defense looks worse than ours did last year. I mean, what good is 4.2 speed if you don't know what you're doing out on the field? They're sloppy, they're undisciplined and they give up tons of yards. And also, call it a trap game, call it looking ahead, give any excuse you want: the fact is, FSU came within a whisker on Bobby Bowden's wrinkled face of losing to the FCS Jacksonville State. At home. Sloppy.

Finally (and this is most important), BYU IS BETTER! BYU's offense is a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. Key in on Dennis Pitta? We'll throw to Andrew George or the Jacobson/Chambers/Ashworth three-headed monster. Take away the run? We'll beat you with the pass. Stay back in coverage? We'll run it down your throat. We have too many weapons.

Don't get me wrong, we will be tested. Our defense in particular has a lot on its plate. Christian Ponder is a good QB, who has very good numbers through two weeks. FSU will throw the ball well.

But I can't stop coming back to the fact that this is our home opener. We ("we" meaning both the fans and the team) will be completely fired up for this game. I believe the defense will step up to the challenge, and FSU will feel the wrath of a sober-but-crazy Provo.

Final Score: BYU 48, FSU 17

Other MWC scores:

Oregon: 20, Utah: 14
Wyoming: 24, Colorado: 21
SDSU: 33, Idaho: 17
Nevada: 28, CSU: 20
Air Force: 31, New Mexico: 13
TCU: 52, Texas State: 3
Hawai'i: 30, UNLV: 20

**Bonus Pick**

Florida: 56, Tennessee: 20


Rock said...

I like your Wyoming/CU pick. Look for the Pokes to give Colorado their third drumming in a row from a non-BCS team.

Hey Colorado, I hear the WAC is looking to expand...

Triz said...

Florida will not cover the 29 point spread. Tennessee will play them close.

And Cougs by 40+

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot

Jake said...

"We beat 'em all", hence all your undefeated seasons and BCS bowls.

Way to represent the MWC, Cougs.

Adam said...

Ugh. I knew I'd get crap for this post after BYU lost.

First of all, it's not "your an idiot," it's "you're." As in You're a perfect example of a U. of U. education.

Second, Pretty much everyone in the MWC lost on Saturday, including Utah (to a garbage Oregon team). So don't give me this "Way to represent the MWC" crap.