Thursday, September 03, 2009

Game day: Go Aggies!

The rumors swirling around the Internet are true: I am going to the Utah State/Utah game tonight.

I made this brash decision for three reasons:

1. Utah State is by far my second favorite team inside the state of Utah

2. I need to be around college football tonight. I don't care who's playing

3. I truly believe the Aggies could win tonight

I know you don't care about the first two reasons, so let's talk a bit about reason No. 3. Yes, I feel like Utah State could win tonight.

First, Utah is starting a brand new quarterback with exactly 0 D-1 starts to his credit.

Second, Utah is suffering from a lot of injuries, not to mention a complete coaching overhaul, including new offensive and defensive coordinators.

Third, do you want to know who was the driving force behind Utah's 2008 BCS run? Gary Anderson. Want to know where Gary Anderson is at these days? Utah State. Anderson is a good coach that will bring a lot of fire to the USU team. Also, he knows Utah in and out. He knows the defense, he knows the players, and he knows the coaches.

Furthermore, Anderson will want to make a great debut at USU. He'll want the signature win over his former employer. My guess is he's been scheming and game-planning for this game like his life was on the line.

Here's my prediction for the night: Utah scores early, and Utah State plays catch-up all night, until on the final drive USU hits the winning field goal as time expires. Aggie fans go crazy, and the Utes slink away in silence, dropping their red t-shirts in the garbage can on the way out.

USU: 24, Utah: 21


Allen said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! Dude, I already knew you were dillusional when you indicated the BYU might stand a chance against OU, but seriously?! I hope you enjoy watching your LEAST favorite team squash the Aggies tonight.

Andrew said...


Adam said...

You know, I've never really cared for the term "least favorite" when describing a team you hate. It seems to imply that there's some degree of "favorite."

When referring to the Utes, let's stick with "most hated," or "most likely to induce vomit."

Book it: Aggies bring home the old Utah bucket tonight, or whatever the heck it is they fight for.

Anonymous said...

For every stupid comment you make about Utah I am going to send you and each of your friends a little known piece of Mormon history. Let me emphasize that each piece of Mormon history will be a well documented historical fact. The difference is that this fact will not be one of those that they taught us in primary or even gospel doctrine. It's one of those that the Church is a little shy about. Hope you're ready. Getting under your skin this season and pushing your buttons should not be difficult. Looking forward to your comments.

Adam said...

What a scary threat!

Go ahead and send me whatever you want, but this is a sports blog- not a religious blog. I will delete every comment that is off-topic.

Allen said...

Adam, it appears you don't know much about football in the state of Utah, so allow me to educate you.

The "Utah Bucket" is actually called the "Behive Boot", and it's a trophy presented to the in-state team who wins the most in-state games that season (between Utah, USU, BYU, and Weber State). So "that thing (we) fight over" is the same thing your beloved cougs are fighting over.

Additionally, though somewhat unrelated, I feel the word "coug" sounds a little like a synonym for poop. As in, "I gotta go take a coug" or "Max Hall cougs his pants when he sees Utah blitz."