Sunday, September 06, 2009

A legacy win

I hope you all enjoyed the game on Saturday--it is an instant classic.

What you saw on Saturday is a legacy win for BYU. What you saw was a game that will live on forever in the halls of our beloved Provo university.

BYU knocked off No. 3 Oklahoma in Arlington Texas, where Oklahoma fans outnumbered Cougars 6 to 1. This feat is unmatched in BYU history. Bigger than Pitt in '84, bigger than Miami in '90.

This was the biggest win in BYU history.

I have so much to say about this game, but for now let it suffice to say BYU is BACK.

PS- The Pick 'em leaderboard has been updated. I am so proud of you who picked BYU to win.


Rock said...

I think it's the third biggest win in history, behind Miami and Pitt. How do you place it above those?

Good, good win though. I've been riding on a cloud ever since Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

hey adam, when will they post the week 1 rankings? are they waiting for the monday games? how high do we go?

Adam said...

Rock- here's why I put it at No. 1:

First, you're right, Pitt was a huge win. But Putt turned out to be unimpressive and way overrated--they ended 6-6. Granted, the same thing could happen to Oklahoma, but right now I'm ranking this one higher.

About Miami, I can't deny how huge that game was, but it was at home. This was a road game (for all intents and purposes) against a Heisman trophy winner and a national championship contender. BYU has never done anything like this.

Adam said...

Anonymous- They'll post the rankings after tonight's games.

I see BYU in the 10-12 range. I know it's a huge jump, but that was a huge win. Plus I think we'll leapfrog Utah, TCU and Boise State.

Aaron said...

I've never been happier to get such a low pick 'em score. GO COUGS!!!!!!