Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A lesson in underestimation: Looking back on the picks

It appears I underestimated some teams last week in my picks. Namely New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Boise State.

Surely the Lobos could beat the lowly NMSU Aggies, right? False.

UNLV, I thought, would have the firepower to win in Laramie. False.

Boise State obviously has a much better team than I thought they did.

And as far as Utah goes, I need to stop picking with my heart and stop picking with my brain. I always default to a Utah loss--it's just how I'm programmed.

Here's how I did.

My Pick: BYU 34, CSU 13
Actual: BYU 42, CSU 23

My Pick: Air Force 31, SDSU 20
Actual: Air Force 26, SDSU 14

My Pick: New Mexico 21, NMSU 17 (First win for the Lobos!)
Actual: NMSU 20, New Mexico 17

My Pick: TCU 24, Clemson 20
Actual: TCU 14, Clemson 10

My Pick: UNLV 34, Wyoming 27
Actual: Wyoming 30, UNLV 27

My Pick: Louisville 24, Utah 23
Actual: Utah 30, Louisville 14

My Pick: Bowling Green 17, Boise State 13
Actual: Boise State 49, Bowling Green 14

This week's record: 3-4
Total Record: 15-10

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