Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A message to my Aggie friends

I like you guys. I really do.

I like that you guys love Logan so much. I like your passion for your school.

I even like your team. I always cheer for Utah State when they’re playing anyone but BYU, and I was even in the stands cheering them on against Utah (Incidentally… were you?).

And the Blue Bird CafĂ©… I mean, get outta here. The place is fantastic.

But it doesn’t take a BYU-educated man such as myself to see that you guys have no chance of beating us on Friday. And if you honestly believe I’m wrong… wow, I admire that. Takes guts.

I just hope you’re not harboring any hopes of an upset, because it’s just not going to happen. I’d hate to see you guys get your hearts broken. I know what you’re thinking:

“But our offense…”

I’ve seen your offense. You guys suck.

“But your defense…”

…will destroy you. You are not Florida State, and we are not Southern Utah.

I just wanted to write this quick note because I’ve noticed a twinge of confidence growing in Cache Valley and I wanted to snuff it out before anyone gets delusional.


amiserious said...

Just another typical, super-arrogant, self-righteous, waste of my tithe dollars, jerk yBu fan spouting off about how we aren't even worth the time of day. You guys know that everyone in the country thinks byu fans are the dirtiest, slimiest, meanest (and did I mention most self-righteous) people on the planet. It's the truth. They are all lying to you when they say you are nice. Secretly, everyone agrees with me that you are all scum. I wish we didn't have this rivalry tradition between our schools so that I never had to travel south of Ogden again. I swear, if the Aggies weren't your main rival, we wouldn't even agree to play you guys.

Adam said...

Please clarify: Is everyone that says they're going to beat Utah State self-righteous, or is it just BYU fans?

Don't be so dramatic.

Rock said...


Even if the BYU-USU "rivalry" ended, you'd still have to travel to South Ogden for groceries. You can't live off the farm year-round.

And you'll still have to travel to Cedar City to get that one win a year against the Thunderbirds.