Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One last look at Tulane

Before I officially move on to Florida State, I just have a few comments about the awesome victory at Tulane.

BLOWOUTS: I love a good blowout. Don't get me wrong, the dramatic finishes are great (when you come out the winner), but putting a team away by 51 points is sweet like summer rain. That was exactly what BYU needed in week 2: a confidence booster where the offense puts up huge points and the defense holds the other team to a field goal. Loved it.

Anyone else just get giddy when RB Tucker Lamb strode onto the field on Saturday? Lamb got a few carries, as did Anthony Heimuli and Mike Hague. That means there were seven ball carriers on that day. SEVEN. I loved seeing it.

LIVING THE DREAM: Speaking of Lamb, I'm incredibly jealous of ol' Tuck. He's an Orem High School grad who had no D-1 offers (to my knowledge). He walked on at BYU, and yadda yadda yadda he ends up on the field in the Superdome carrying the ball. How sweet is that? I love that he got that experience.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Definitely Terrence Hook's hit and Jordan Pendleton's fumble recover/touchdown. I could watch and re-watch that hit all day. Especially when Hooks grabs the receiver's legs and just drives him into the turf. Pretty.

TURNOVERS: After two games I believe we have 6 takeaways and 5 giveaways, giving us a +1 turnover margin. Good work Cougs. Let's keep that number in the positives, baby.

COMING OUT: J.J. DiLuigi finally broke through as a Cougar on Saturday. He looked shifty, he was physical, and if he didn't have to share carries with Bryan Kariya he could have gone over 150 rush yards easy. DiLuigi will be a big weapon for us this year.

MORE WEAPONS: Unga, Pitta, Jacobson, Chambers, Ashworth, George, Tonga, Kariya, DiLuigi, Hafoka. I'm telling you right now: We have never had this much talent of offense, ever. I defy you to find a better lineup in BYU history.

GAME BALLS: Offense, I have to give it to Max Hall, who passed for 300+ yards, two TDs and an INT. More importantly, though, Hall put the ball in ELEVEN different receivers' hands. Defense, it's all Grant Nelson. Nelson looked good on Saturday. He was in on two sacks and broke up a few passes (one should have been an interception).

Okay, that feels better. On to week three!


Matt O. said...

I agree with most everything said with ne major exception. 1996 had many more weapons than this year. I mean Hafoka and Kariya are nice players but come on... Sark, Jenkins, Mckenzie, Lewis, Mili, Hooks, Cahoon, Tait. Now those are some weapons. Anyone agree?

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Adam, I think that this is a great year for offense, but I don't think you could call it the best ever. I think I would even pick the offense of BYU 2006. I love your passion though.

Triz said...

I would like to see some new content please. Tomorrow is game day.