Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pick 'em update: CSU

Pick 'em week 4 proved one thing: What we could not do against Florida State, we did against Colorado State.

Namely, pick a decent score.

There were plenty of high scores this week, and if Steve Fairchild would have called for the PAT instead of the 2-point conversion on CSU's final touchdown, we would have seen this season's first perfect score.

But alas, life is cruel. Spencer C., who picked BYU to win 42-24, will have to settle for a 39--the high score of the week. Here's this week's scoreboard.

Spencer C. 39
Ross 38
Aaron W. 35
Jonathan D. 35
Gus 34
Matt Olsen 34
Seth 34
Becky 33
Cade 33
Cindy 32
Trizz 32
Jon 31
Matt Orme 31
PJ 31
Jeris 30
Peter M. 30
Eliot 29
KO 29
Russ 28
Andy 27
Lesley 27
Rodney 27
Russell O. 26
Travis 25
Chris W. 24
Kenny 24
Ty 23
Adam 22
Justin 22
Ashley 20

MIA this week: Benjy, Boyle, Knipps(?!), and Mars. See guys, I told you to make all your picks at once.

Next week: BYU vs. Utah State. Call your bookies, find your happy place and make your picks today.


spencer said...

Yeah, I was yelling my incredulity at the computer when I heard they were going for 2. I thought I got a second chance when they got that penalty, but alas...

Curse you Steve Fairchild! I want my 2 dollars!

Dave said...

Adam. I left the world of Adam's Sports Blog after last season. When this season rolled around, I remembered the blog but couldn't remember the address. I'm back. Nice to hear your take on the game. I could only listen to it on the internet out here in Iowa--which makes BYU's bad plays even more infuriating. Glad we ended up with the W.