Monday, September 14, 2009

Pick 'em updated

This is a quick note just to say the Pick 'em leaderboard has been updated.

Not many of us were expecting such a lopsided game, myself included. A few of you picked Tulane to be in the single digits, but only one (Spencer) correctly guessed that Tulane would only score three points.

Not one person guessed that BYU would score more than 50 points. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

Jeris and Russell O. were the big winners this week. Both scored a 31. Spencer, however, took the overall lead with two strong weeks.

This week BYU welcomes Florida State in its home opener. FSU features speed, athleticism and toughness. Could this be a chance to make up some points? Send in your picks right away, and I'll see you at LES on Saturday.

NOTE: If you would still like to play ASB's Pick 'em, it's not too late! Send your picks for the remainder of the season to

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Evan said...

I will be joining if i remember. I should have the previous two weeks, since i picked BYU to beat OK, and I picked OSU to beat UNLV. I tried to warn you. Take head! Go Cougs and Beavs!