Friday, September 11, 2009

Thoughts and predictions heading into week 2

First, an overdue comment on BYU's No. 9 ranking in the AP poll. I'm proud of the AP voters for putting BYU in the top 10. By vaulting the Cougars up 11 spots, the AP voters showed that they are putting thought into their ballots, and they're actually watching games.

Specifically I'm happy that the voters rightly put BYU ahead of Utah, TCU and Boise State. All three teams were ranked ahead of BYU in the preseason poll, but BYU's win in week one was by far the most impressive. BYU deserves to be the top-ranked, non-AQ team after beating then No. 3 Oklahoma, even though I'm sure Boise State fans are moaning and whining about it.

This vote restored some confidence in AP voters, who seem to be taking their poll a lot more seriously. The votes are no longer so stringently attached to conference affiliation, and voters are starting to rank the teams based on--egads--actual performance! One voter actually put BYU at No. 2 on his ballot, ahead of Florida.

I'm not saying I necessarily agree, but good for him for putting real thought into his ballot, and trying to stay as objective as possible.

Now, on to week two.

BYU is in New Orleans right now preparing to face the Tulane Green Wave. Tulane has had its struggles recently. It is currently in ESPN's "Bottom Ten," and last year The Green Wave was ranked 112 in scoring offense, 113 in rushing defense, and 106 in scoring defense.

In other words, they didn't score many points, they gave up a lot of rushing yards, and other teams scored a lot of points on them. Last year.

This year... well... they opened their season against Tulsa and lost 37-13. They gave up 412 total yards (201 yards rushing), and scored only 13 points, despite gaining 364 total yards.

So pretty much more of the same from ol' Tulane.

I expect BYU to win pretty handily on Saturday. I think there will be a little bit of a hangover after last week's huge win, but it won't be nearly enough to derail the Cougs. We will run the ball well (with or without Harvey), and our defense will contine to play well.

My prediction: BYU wins 45-20 (Tulane will score a meaningless TD in garbage time).

Other MWC scores:

Utah: 34, San Jose State: 24
Texas: 51, Wyoming: 10
UNLV: 28, Oregon State: 24
Colorado State: 38, Weber State: 17
Minnesota: 30, Air Force: 20
TCU: 31, Virginia: 14
SDSU: 45, Southern Utah: 10
Tulsa: 37, New Mexico: 20


Chase said...

Lets give our brethren at the Academy a little more faith. The golden ground rats did not look too good last week. Out of conference opponents can not prepare for AFA in one week unless they are too fast, too strong, too talented - Minnesota is not.

Look for AFA in the "upset"

Rock said...

SDSU won't blow out SUU. SDSU couldn't blow out a tire on a tack strip.

And Chase, word on the AF game. I think the Cadets will give Minnesota a run for their money.

Evan said...

I used to respect your opinion and your predictions until I saw your UNLV vs OSU prediction.