Monday, September 07, 2009

Upon further review

Happy Labor Day everybody. I just finished watching the BYU upset over Oklahoma again, and my veins are coursing with the stuff life is made of.

That game was incredible. Our defense was inspiring, and Max Hall showed his leadership, his fortitude and his tremendous talent during BYU's 78-yard, fourth-quarter, come-from-behind, game-winning drive. I was so impressed with Max. He stood tall in that game and delivered one of the biggest wins in BYU history.

Let's talk defense a little bit. I knew going into this season that our defense would be the big surprise of the 2009 season. I saw them personally during fall camp, and I saw something in our defense. I saw improvement. And they showed huge improvement in Saturday night's game.

I want to talk about three people in particular. First, Jordan Pendleton made plays all game long for BYU. He caused a fumble, he saved two touchdowns during BYU's mighty goal line stand, and he laid some great hits on Oklahoma's QB. Pendleton was a particularly bright spot on BYU's shining defense.

Second, Andrew Rich. I see the safeties as one of the strongest units on our team. Scott Johnson and Andrew Rich are smart players who hit hard. Rich proved me right when he put his helmet down and laid the lumber all game long. He never let a ball behind him, and he was making huge hits. He was in the backfield, and he caused to huge fumbles, one of which was recovered by BYU.

Third, Brian Logan. Logan had a great game on Saturday. As a JC transfer, he was brought into BYU to make an immediate impact on our ailing pass coverage. Well make an impact he did. In a big way. First of all, Logan can tackle. He stuck his man every time the ball was in his area, and he saved a touchdown on a big Oklahoma run. Second, Logan broke up some huge passes--including a touchdown pass that was wrongly called as pass interference. Third, Logan saw the ball in the air and made a play on it. He limited YAC by meeting the opposing receivers as they caught the ball. Instead of waiting for the receiver to come to him, he made a play on the ball. Logan was impressive on Saturday.

You've heard the statistics, but I want to emphasize it again: BYU, a team that allowed 45 points to Colorado State last season, and a team that had the worst pass coverage in the MWC in 2008, held the nation's most potent offense to 264 total yards and 13 points.

I am still in shock. That was a beautiful game, and our defense delivered a performance for the ages.


Trav said...

to all of you who thought the cougs would lose, you're a bunch of pansies

Chase said...

upon 2nd review, did you catch where OU had 5 downs? Those of us at the sports bar thought we saw OU get 5 downs. Just wondering.

Triz said...

I'd be dominating the Pick 'Em if I had stayed with my original prediction of BYU 48 - OU 14. Unfortunately I downgraded to a 38-35 victory for BYU.

I'm still made with my wife for her picking OU by a landslide, but I'll most likely forgive her before the Tulane game (dependent on her pick of course)

Karl said...

Last year's most potent offense.