Monday, October 19, 2009

Aztec Analysis

Another solid win, no turnovers, a great offensive game—and Mitch Payne even made a 45-yarder to seal the deal.

Looks like the Cougs gave me pretty good birthday present.

Too bad the defense didn't think enough of me to show up to the party. Seriously, I couldn't believe some of the things SDSU got away with on offense today. Aztec QB Ryan Lindley was throwing up more crap than a Utah co-ed during pledge week.

And dang those wide receivers if they didn't catch every single thing.

Remember when that tight end even got in on the action? He hucked up some ball like 40 yards to set up an Aztec TD. What was that all about?

Tonight my love of Andrew Rich took a major hit. He's a great, physical player, but dude really needed to make some plays on the ball tonight. He was caught far too often with his arms flailing and his head turned in the wrong direction.

Scott Johnson made some big plays, particularly the interception on the goal line. I also liked the play of Brian Logan and Brandon Bradley, but the whole defense let a lot of stuff get behind them today.

Offensively speaking, we were clicking. Max Hall was a beast, throwing for 346 yards and 3 TDs. He also ran for about 50 yards and another score. If Max isn't the MWC offensive player of the week, then I've lost all respect for the award.

Mitch Payne came through nicely when we needed him today. That FG was huge, and a much-maligned Payne deserves some love.

So besides some defensive issues, I'd say we had a pretty good game today. Hopefully we can clean up the mistakes before next week's huge game against TCU.

Offensive MVP: Max Hall. Big numbers, no INTs.

Devensive MVP: Jordan Pendleton. Hits, clutch pass break-ups.

Play of the Game: It's a tie between Scott Johnson's goal-line interception and Max Hall's rushing TD right before halftime. I totally thought he was going to spike it.

Good work Cougs. Now take it to the Frogs next week.

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Heath and Shareen said...

Was Andrew Rich one of the players that played sick? (I'm trying to give you an excuse.) Max won the MWC Offensive MVP. I think every single person watching that game thought he was going to spike it--what a great call! Love Pendleton and so thankful Payne made that FG. It should do wonders for his confidence!!