Thursday, October 01, 2009

BYU fans need to chillax

Here’s a riddle: When is a win actually a loss?

Answer: In the mind of a BYU fan? Every time BYU wins a football game.

Geez. We just came off a 42-23 win over a pretty good Colorado State team, and yet it’s almost like we got blown out. There is great unrest in the river bottoms of Provo, and suddenly we’ve lost confidence in our team.

Even Bronco is telling the fans to stop being so negative.

Guys: Take it down a notch. BYU is a pretty freakin’ good team. CSU will be bowling this year, so it’s not like we were on the ropes against the St. Francis School for Girls.

BYU is in great shape. Now start acting like it. I am sick of reading about how Max Hall sucks, I’m sick of people calling for Riley Nelson to start, I’m sick of the B-Lo smack (that’s Brian Logan, by the way… feel free to use that) and I’m sick of the overall whininess of our fan base.

I mean, I guess it’s great that we set the bar high for ourselves, but giving up 23 points to Colorado State is no reason to sell your stadium seats and take down the car flags. It’s also no reason to start panicking, or calling for the replacement of our three-year-starter and senior QB Max Hall.

The talent gap between Max Hall and the rest of the MWC quarterbacks is as deep and wide as the Kennecott Copper Mine. Hey, as the founding member of Bloggers Against Interceptions, I know Max isn’t perfect. But the dude is still a brilliant quarterback. Don’t be so hasty to throw him under the bus.

Here’s the bottom line: BYU is 3-1 and ranked No. 20 in the nation. We just beat Colorado State by 19 points. Stop crying, stop whining, stop living in the dark and enjoy this football season.


Heath and Shareen said...

Amen! This is like the Jason should start instead of John Beck thing all over again. I hate whiners too. I'm hoping BYU pounds USU into the ground tonite: 55-13!!!

Dave said...

Flip. I'm sick of this team. We need Crowton back, and maybe Ken Schmidt too. Doesn't Bret Engemann have 1 year of eligibility left? Come back Bret!Then life would be good for BYU.

signed TIC

Rock said...

Too late, I sold my season tickets after the FSU fiasco.

Smitty said...

Your riddle is ironic because the mind of a BYU fan is also the same place where a loss is actually a win. Or least not a loss to other team. They just beat themselves.

Also with a name like B-Lo, smack talk is almost too easy. B-Lo average? That guy B-Lo's. Just two off the top of my head.

ali said...

I love the word Chillax. Just thought I'd share ;)