Friday, October 23, 2009

BYU wins, other predictions

Remember how high we were flying last year? We were undefeated heading into our game against TCU, we were ranked in the top ten and we knew we were going to win.

Sound familiar?

It’s the same show, just different actors in 2009. Now it’s TCU who is arrogantly tossing their undefeated record around. It’s the Horny Frogs who are ranked in the top ten, who are expecting to walk out of Provo with a win. This year BYU is playing the part of the jilted underdog.

It’s the part we were born to play.

TCU is in for a shock on Saturday. BYU is prepared for their speed, prepared for their “Wild Frog” offense, and we’re out for revenge. Ask Norm Chow and the UCLA Bruins what happens when BYU has revenge on the brain.

I believe in our coaches, I believe in our fans, I believe in our home-field advantage.

I also believe that TCU will lose tomorrow.

BYU 28, TCU 17


Air Force 31, Utah 20
Colorado State 27, SDSU 21
UNLV 31, New Mexico 28

**Bonus Pick**

Utah State 30, La. Tech 17


spencer said...

Is Utah State and La Tech really a "bonus"?

I bet they both lose.

Evan said...

the force over utah? bold.

Jake said...

It seems unfair to assume that just because BYU loves to arrogantly toss their undefeated record around that all other teams do the same thing.

The Lafferty Family said...

Utah will definitely beat Air Force today! TCU over BYU and Max Hall will throw three interceptions if not more. Check it out at