Thursday, October 22, 2009

Five reasons why we'll beat TCU

This post is meant to inspire confidence in those Cougar fans out there who might be a little nervous about this Saturday's game against TCU.

I know this will be a tough game. It will probably come right down to the wire. But TCU is far from unbeatable. They may be from Texas, but they are not a bunch of Chuck Norrises. They are human, and BYU will beat them.

Here are five reasons why:

1. The thrill is gone. When BYU was thrashed by TCU last year they showed us things we've never seen before. The "Wild Frog" offense was running wild, and we simply couldn't counter TCU's speed. Now we've seen their tricks. We know who we're up against, and they won't surprise us this year.

2. Addition by subtraction. Nothing against Brandon Howard, David Tafuna and Kellen Fowler, but we have definitely taken a step up at the cornerback and safety positions this year. Brian Logan, Howard's replacement, leads the NATION in passes defended. Scott Johnson and Andrew Rich are smarter and more assignment-sound than their safety predecessors. As a whole our defense is much improved.

3. We've seen speed before. When people talk about TCU they act like it's the first good team BYU has seen all year. Um, remember when we beat Oklahoma in week one? You can't tell me Oklahoma (which beat TCU by double-digits last year) doesn't have the same kind of athletes TCU has. We've seen speed, we've had some success, and we've learned from our mistakes.

4. Home cookin'. BYU is nearly unbeatable at home. Winning 20 of the last 21 games at home is pretty special, and the home crowd will be fired up and ready for a battle. I know I said the same thing about Florida State, but I'm pretty sure that loss was just a freak thing. BYU will hold down the home fort (and TCU will slip 'n slide all over our turf).

5. Revenge is sweet. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a revenge game for BYU. Since Bronco Mendenhall took the reins at BYU in 2005, the Cougars have never lost to the same MWC opponent two years in a row. I have confidence that our coaching staff can identify particular games in which we need to dominate. This is one of those games, and our coaches are all over it.

Care to add to the list? Care to disagree?


Rock said...

Looks like I'm not the only one counting on Jerry Hughes loosing traction on our "special" turf.

T. Skouson said...

Olsen, you once were a semi-reluctant BYU apologist. Much has changed since November 2004 my friend. You also went by the name of Beevily Bavins.

chrislipscomb said...

As a Frog, this is really funny to read after the fact. It looks like you were wrong on all counts.