Monday, October 12, 2009

The greenies

Maybe it's the future dad in me, but I love it when our young guys get to make plays in actual games.

Seeing JoJo Pili on Saturday bruise his way into the endzone in the first play of his collegiate career made me beam with pride. It felt good to see a young guy like Pili score a touchdown in a college football game. And I get equally happy when I see Riley Nelson scramble for big yards or Brett Thompson make big catches.

I like seeing newcomers get their time in the sun. It warms my heart.

Not only that, but it shows a certain chemistry on our team. There's a real effort there to make sure everyone succeeds. When Max Hall and Harvey Unga put aside their own ego, for example, to get a guy like Pili in the endzone, well that's just good leadership.

Getting the young guys in also gives me encouragement for the future. Riley Nelson has me excited for the QB battle in 2010. Nelson is a talented player, and I would be elated if he were named the starter.

Also, it shows recruits that if you're talented, you'll get in games. Brett Thompson is a true freshman, but his hard work and grasp of the playbook has already earned him the right to be one of the first receivers off the bench. Every year BYU has at least one or two freshmen that make a big impact on the team. If I were a recruit I would be encouraged by that, and motivated to be the next rising star.

Anyway, Good work new guys. Here's hoping you all get PLENTY of playing time this year.

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