Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Looking back at week 5's picks


I almost had it with my picks last week. Stupid Oklahoma.

My Pick: BYU 56, USU 20
Actual: BYU 35, USU 17

My Pick: Nevada 24, UNLV 20
Actual: Nevada 63, UNLV 28

My Pick: Texas Tech 49, New Mexico 6
Actual: Texas Tech 48, New Mexico 28

My Pick: Navy 27, Air Force 17
Actual: Navy 16, Air Force 13

My Pick: Wyoming 20, Florida Atlantic 13
Actual: Wyoming 30, Florida Atlantic 28

My Pick: San Diego State 28, New Mexico State 16
Actual: SDSU 34, NMSU 17

My Pick: TCU 31, SMU 27
Actual: TCU 39, SMU 14

My Pick: Oklahoma 38, Miami 17
Actual: Miami 21, Oklahoma 20

This week's record: 7-1
Record-to-date: 22-11

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