Thursday, October 08, 2009

My takes on a busy week for BYU football

It's funny- I'm always silent on the blog during BYU's biggest news days. I think it's mostly because I'm so disgusted by what I read and hear that I don't want to contribute to the muck.

But I figured now is a good time to break the silence and give my two cents about an array of BYU news items.

First, I never got to comment on the BYU/Utah State game. I was very happy with the game. Other than the three turnovers and the final Aggie touchdown, I think the game was played well by BYU and our defense made some big improvements. Especially when it comes to stopping a very explosive running back (Robert Turbin) and a mobile QB (Diondre Borel). Good tune-up for UNLV.

Max Hall has been taking some heat from fans this week because he threw two INTs on Saturday. He is now tied for the most INTs thrown by a QB this year with 10. I am not happy about this at all, but I am no where near other fans who are calling for backup Riley Nelson to start. I still stand behind Max Hall, who is still the best QB in the MWC and top 10 in the country. I know he's not perfect, but he's still my guy.

Speaking of which, Bronco Mendenhall commented on those who criticize Max, calling them "uneducated." For the record, Mendenhall went on to explain that the word uneducated refers to football-specific education, and not overall education. My thoughts? I agree completely with Bronco. The majority of fans don't understand football's little complexities like the coaches do. That's the cold, hard fact. This is evident every time the fans boo at a correctly called penalty, or when idiot BYU fan always complains that our cornerbacks play so far off the wide receiver (it's called zone coverage, and it's our scheme--get used to it).

Sure, Max could and should be making better decisions, but last time I checked BYU is 4-1. The sky isn't falling, and our QB is leading us to wins. It's time to relax, everybody. Also remember this: Ty Detmer threw a whopping 28 interceptions during his Heisman Trophy-winning season (1990).

The local media, not surprisingly, has had a field day with Mendenhall's comments. Gordon Monson, of the Salt Lake Tribune, melodramatically called for an apology from Coach Mendenhall, and David Locke of AM radio fame made Mendenhall's comments the subject of an afternoon tirade (from what I hear--I only listen to Jim Rome).

The local media knows a secret about their market here in Utah: Riled up BYU fans = ratings. I don't blame them for trying to ruffle some feathers, but I would caution BYU fans to refrain from taking the bait.

Okay, now Shiloah Te'o. What a sad story. I don't care about the details or the timetables or the conspiracies that abound on message boards. I am just disappointed that Te'o made such a huge mistake in his life, and I'm disappointed that BYU lost a talented football player. I hope Te'o gets his life back on track.

Also in the news... Washington canceled its series against BYU in 2011 and 2012. This news is good and bad. I'm happy we won't have to play any Pac-10 losers, but I'm sad Jake Heaps won't be able to play in Seattle. Plus I'm a little hurt BYU alum Steve Sarkisian doesn't want to embrace his BYU ties.

Finally, a look at UNLV this weekend. UNLV gave up like 2,000 offensive yards in their 63-28 loss to Nevada last week. UNLV's defense is unimpressive, and that's putting it lightly. However, I am sure they'll give BYU their best shot. By no means should BYU or its fans consider this game a blowout--I'm thinking it will be closer than we think. BYU wins, but it'll be by 10-14 points.

Well, that's all I have in me at the moment. Kudos to you for making it this far, and here's hoping BYU improves to 5-1 after this weekend.

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Eliot said...

I mostly agree with you, AO. One thing though: I don't mind when fans boo a right call (unless it's unquestionably right), because I think that it can affect the refs for future calls, even if subconsciously. I know I've booed calls that were probably the "right" call and I knew it, but I wanted to let the refs know that I'd be waiting for them outside the stadium if that kept happening.

I could be wrong though.