Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pick 'em update: USU

Can you hear the trumpet fanfare? Can you see the dancing in the streets? Celebrations are spontaneously popping up all over the valley, and it's all for one reason:

We have our first perfect pick of the season.

That's right, somebody has done it. Somebody picked a perfect score for Friday night's game, and therefore has right to claim the mystery prize. Everybody put your hands together for your friend and mine, The big K.O.!

Some of you might know that the man known simply as KO is actually my dad. The first thing he did after the game was brag about his perfect score. His face dropped a bit when I explained to him that the mystery prize is actually a gift card to Golden Corral, but I did give him the option of Chuck-A-Rama, and that seemed to brighten his spirits a little bit.

Congratulations KO!

Here are this week's scores:

KO 40
Andy 37
Ross 34
Cindy 33
Gus 33
Justin 30
Aaron W. 30
PJ 30
Travis 30
Spencer C. 30
Russell O. 30
Chris W. 30
Eliot 30
Cade 29
Matt O. 29
Peter M. 27
Adam 27
Matt Orme 26
Russ 26
Becky 26
Kenny 26
Knipps 26
Lesley 26
Jonathan D. 25
Jeris 24
Jon 23
Seth 23
Mars 23
Ty 20
Trizz 20
Benjy 20
Ashley 5

1 comment:

Rock said...

I could see KO doing some damage at the Chuck-A-Rama buffet.

Good week for The Ross Man. ASB readers: feel free to ask me for advise on future picks, for a small fee.