Friday, October 02, 2009

Playing Coach: Picks for week 5

I can see the BYU/Utah State game clearly in my mind, and I know exactly how I want it to unfold.

I’m going to put on my coach hat for a moment and describe the perfect game as I see it.

First defense. BYU has two people to worry about tonight: QB Diondre Borel and RB Robert Turbin. Both are athletes. They aren’t the best players we’ll face all season, but they are both playmakers. Borel can scramble and make plays with his feet, and Turbin has a knack for running away from people and getting huge yards.

From what I’ve seen, the ground game is the only real threat. Borel is not an accurate passer, and he doesn’t have a big arm.

So I want our defense to stack the box. Put eight guys right on the line and take away the run. Put pressure on Borel, don’t let him scramble and make USU throw the ball down the field. When Borel is forced to throw good things will happen for BYU.

Now offense. BYU is a lot bigger on the lines than USU, we have more offensive weapons than they can handle and USU ranks 117th (out of 120) in defense.

I don’t see offense as being much of a problem tonight.

What I’d like to see, though, is BYU really use its size. I’d like to see our offensive line push the defense around, and I’d like to see Harvey Unga and company run the ball right down the Aggies’ throats. I want to see a lot of running tonight—early and often.

BYU will score in bunches tonight, and former Aggie Riley Nelson will get a chance to drive BYU in for a touchdown or two against his former team.

I’m calling for a blowout: BYU wins 56-20.

Around the MWC:

Nevada 24, UNLV 20
Texas Tech 49, New Mexico 6
Navy 27, Air Force 17
Wyoming 20, Florida Atlantic 13
San Diego State 28, New Mexico State 16
TCU 31, SMU 27

**Bonus Pick**

Oklahoma 38, Miami 17

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