Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Revenge Game

Since Saturday's game is most definitely a revenge game for the Cougars, I would like to take the opportunity now to chronicle how BYU has fared in revenge games in the past.

2006: BYU 31, TCU 17
After a controversial 50-51 overtime loss to the Frogs in 2005, BYU came into Ft. Worth with a 2-2 record and a QB with two bum ankles. TCU, on the other hand, was ranked No. 15, had the nation's longest winning streak and was coming off a bye.

John Beck dissected TCU's vaunted defense, and the Cougar defense was an immovable object. BYU scored the big upset.

2007: BYU 20, Arizona 7
Arizona spoiled one of the best seasons of BYU football in recent memory in 2006. The Wildcats beat BYU on a last-second field goal in Tucson to give the Cougars one of only two losses on the season.

The next year, under new starting QB Max Hall, BYU was steady on offense and rock-solid on defense. We out-hustled the bigger, stronger, faster Arizona and picked up a huge season-opening win.

2008: BYU 59, UCLA 0
In 2007, UCLA and defensive end Bruce Davis stopped the Cougars in their tracks. The game was a matchup between Ben Olson and his former BYU team, and the UCLA Bruins scored the win in the Rose Bowl, crushing any hopes of a Cougar comeback.

In 2008, and within the friendly confines of LaVell Edwards Stadium, BYU destroyed UCLA in every facet of the game. It was perhaps the perfect BYU game, and UCLA limped off the Provo field like an injured doe.

2009: BYU ? TCU ?
Last year TCU was the first to expose BYU's paper tiger. They ran around, over and through the Cougars on their way to a 32-7 win.

What will happen this year?

Based on our performance in recent revenge games, I gotta say: I like our chances.


Rock said...

What a novel take on this game. Good writin', ASB.

Trav said...

The fact that I did not attend the 08 UCLA game is one of my biggest regrets in life. True, the season taken as a whole can be viewed as a little disappointing, but no one can ever take the feeling of that game away from us. It's nice to throw that score in people's faces up here in PAC10 country

Blake said...

@Trav: Just so long as you hurry and run away before they start throwing up BYU's loss to AZ in last year's Vegas Bowl. What were they? 5th place in the PAC 10?