Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week six picks: Perfection

You know, MWC picks on weeks like week six are pretty easy to make. Just follow these simple rules:

*BYU, TCU and Utah are going to win
*New Mexico is going to lose

That was my philosophy, and it ended up giving me a week of perfect picks. Even though, admittedly, I was screaming at the screen as loud as anybody when Colorado State literally threw a win away against Utah.

Was that game unbelievable or what?

Utah sucks.

My pick: BYU 35, UNLV 20
Actual: BYU 59, UNLV 21

My pick: Wyoming 30, New Mexico 10
Actual: Wyoming 37, New Mexico 13

My pick: Utah 24, Colorado State 13
Actual: Utah 24, Colorado State 17

My pick: TCU 34, Air Force 19
Actual: TCU 20, Air Force 17

My Pick: Florida 27, LSU 20
Actual: Florida 13, LSU 3

This week: 5-0
Season-to-date: 27-11


Allen said...

Perfection? I thought ya'll had learned your lesson about that word.

Allen said...

Hey, sorry about my moronic comment earlier. I never realized what a tool I was. All of us ute fans are like this. We're all pathetic and jealous.

Allen said...

Because only a ute fan would point out that it's been 25 years since BYU's last perfect season and let's see... 1 since Utah's last one.