Monday, October 12, 2009

A win we can be happy with

It was a rough week for BYU football, but you wouldn't know it after watching BYU man-handle the UNLV Rebels.

All of the controversies of the week were put to bed as BYU ran, passed and bruised their way to a 59-21 romp. It was a win that threw water on the fire--it was a win that brought a smile to all our faces.

I guess it's true what they say. Winning really does cure everything.

First, Harvey Unga was brilliant. The guy racked up over 100 yards and three touchdowns before half time. He broke some pretty long runs, and if BYU hadn't called off its dogs he probably would still be running around UNLV campus.

Max Hall was a master too. He very efficiently gathered 320 yards and two TDs on 21 of 27 passing. And best of all? NO PICKS.

In fact, the entire Cougar squad had zero turnovers. And we put up 59 points. I could be wrong, but I think there's a relationship there.

The defense played well. There was the one big Rebel TD scored on blown coverage, but other than that we held the Rebs in check. And we swiped three INTs. UNLV only picked up something like 350 yards of offense, and anything under 400 is great in my book.

Heck, even the special teams got in on the act! I mean, we blew one kickoff, but we almost returned the favor when O'Neill Chambers brought a kick back 97 yards to the one-yard line. He should have got in, but he just didn't have the horses at the end of the run.

Let's be honest... he looked pretty slow, didn't he? I've seen all kinds of highlights and you can see Chambers get gassed at the end of the run.

But he claims he was sick, so maybe he'll get a pass this time.

Anyway, that win was fantastic. It was one of those wins that makes fans happy. Even the stingiest of BYU fans have to be pleased with our efforts on Saturday. We look like a dominating team again, and that should continue when we travel to San Diego State for next week's birthday special.

Go Cougs!

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Heath and Shareen said...

Great game!!