Monday, November 09, 2009

Back from Laramie

I never believed it would happen, but there was a terrible little thought in the back of my head on the way to Laramie:

What if BYU loses?

That would sure put the road trip in the crapper. The 6+ hour drive home wouldn't be pleasant at all.

Fortunately, BYU ripped Wyoming a new Cowboy-hole with a 52-0 shellacking. The drive home was a pleasure. Thoughts of a perfect BYU game kept us going strong through Rawlins, Rock Springs, Evanston and beyond.

Laramie is an interesting place, though. It's the kind of place you never, ever want to be, and yet you can't help but return when you get the chance. It's full of run-down houses, bars on every corner, a mess of train tracks and depressed little people. There are little-to-no trees, no mountains, no water, no life. I can't understand how anyone in their right mind would choose to live, work or attend school in a place like that.

And yet there we were, right alongside the Brown-and-gold-clad fans in War Memorial Stadium.

The fans were a little mouthy before the game started. My crew and I marched through the tailgate area and we were heckled on every side. We were birded and profaned, but we kept smiles on our faces.

In my mind I thought, "let's see how chippy you get when you go down three touchdowns."

Sure enough BYU jumped all over the hopeless Cowboys in the first quarter, and they never looked back. Max Hall was nearly perfect, Harvey Unga was running at will, BYU's receivers were open all over the field, and our defense looked energized and mean. BYU could have shut out Wyoming for eight-straight quarters, and the offense could have put up as many points as they wanted. Good thing for Wyoming that BYU showed mercy and took out the starters mid-way through the third quarter.

By that time the stadium was nearly empty. Only Cougar fans and the most loyal of Cowboys were there to see Brendan Gaskins(!) take a few knees to end the game.

When the final whistle blew my friends and I rushed down to show our appreciation to the Cougs. We were in their ear-holes giving them our well-wishes. We do love BYU, after all.

After the players cleared out we jetted out onto Jonah Field and ran some routes. It was pretty cool catching balls in the college stadium, even though it was just us and a bunch of 6-year-old kids.

I walked back to the car with my chest out and my chin high. The calls of "cheater!" from onlooking Cowboy fans only made my victory walk sweeter. Laramie had been conquered once again by the Cougar faithful.


Rock said...

You did walk back to the car with your chest out, literally. No shirt.

How about Andrew Rich giving me that bag of licorice after the game? What a safety.

Trav said...

what a post!

I wish I could have made that trip. It would be so great to go into another team's so-called stadium and rip their manhood like that. Almost like when you walk around in a big city and there's some dude with a 200,000 car and super hot blonde in the passenger seat. I would feel like that guy.

Chris said...

I don't understand the "cheater" accusation. I got that when I went to San Diego a few weeks back. Does the rest of the conference think we cheat? Well, it seems to be working well. I guess we aren't as noble as Wyoming or SDSU.

ali said...

well, I'm so glad you survived!