Sunday, November 29, 2009

The best win of the year

Max HallBYU beat Utah last night, and that victory's sweetness will last for days, weeks and months.

That's the thing about beating Utah: It's a win that lasts. And not only does it last, but it's a very cleansing experience. All the transgressions of the past, all the mistakes, all the questions, all the pain and anger from past losses disappear in a vapor of frenzied victory.

As a matter of fact, I can't even remember 2008. All I remember is Andrew George running free into a wide open end zone to give BYU its third win over Utah in four years.

Sweet, sweet victory.

And Max Hall? He only completed 12 of 32 passes for 134 yards--both career lows. Do you think I'll remember that? Not a chance. All I'll remember is him threading the needle between Utah's Stevenson Sylvester and Joe Dale for the game-winning TD strike.

Still, the game was a little closer than I'd like. Credit Utah's defense, because they made things hard for our offense all night. Their speed on the defensive line, along with their ability to play pretty good press-man coverage spelled frustration for Max Hall and the Cougar offense.

Fortunately, Jordan Wynn couldn't capitalize on great field position and multiple trips to the red zone. Just like I predicted, Wynn was frazzled and off his game the entire night. He couldn't complete the deep balls, and scored no TD passes and one huge INT, which led to three BYU points.

Part of Wynn's ineptitude was due to an inspired BYU defense. Thank the great heavens that our defense decided to play their best on the biggest game of the year. Jordan Pendleton was all over the field. I can't even remember how many times he was in the backfield chasing Wynn around. I know he notched one sack, and he registered a HUGE hit on Wynn's second completion of the game. A nice welcome to the Holy War.

Brian Logan was also great. The micro-man covered the crap out of David Reed, and he had some huge open-field tackles.

But in the end, there were two heroes: Max and Andrew.

All around, it was another classic game against two good teams. We were matched evenly, but in the end the better team won. BYU deserved it, and Utah will have to sit on their thumbs for the next year while Cougars everywhere revel in our latest state championship.


Trav said...

it's a good thing too because I don't like fact I hate them.

Shareen said...

I hate everything about them too!!
Great post:)

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

I even hate thier mothers.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Christ say to love thy enemies? Of course, he was just a silly carpenter.