Friday, November 27, 2009

Confidence builds

It's the strangest thing... as the days go by I get more and more confident that the Cougars will beat the Utes tomorrow.

Immediately after the Air Force game I started looking forward to the Holy War, and I knew it would be just that... a war. I thought it would be close, and I thought the Utes would give us all we could handle.

Now, on the eve of the biggest game of the year, I am sure BYU will win, and I won't be surprised if it's a blowout.

First, Max Hall is a fifth year senior with lots of experience in this rivalry and a chip on his shoulder. His poor performance last year is probably only fueling a fire to win big tomorrow.

Second, Jordan Wynn is a true freshman. I'm sure the rivalry between Oceanside and Carlsbad was big, but this little man hasn't seen anything like the BYU/Utah battlefield. He'll get spooked, and I'm willing to bet he makes more than a few mistakes.

The home field advantage hasn't exactly worked in our favor this year, but it still needs to be mentioned. BYU will be playing in front of 65,000 faithful, and we are all aching for a big win. It can only help the Cougs.

Now let's talk offense/defense. When BYU's offense is clicking there's no way Utah's defense can hold us. Their defense was much better last year, and we still moved the ball well. If Hall hadn't completely unraveled in the second half the game would have gone right down to the wire.

I'm confident that Max and the efficient, dangerous Cougar offense won't have a problem moving the ball against Utah tomorrow. Dennis Pitta is healthy (he wasn't last year, remember), Unga and Tonga are ready to go and Max has more weapons than ever.

When all is said and done, the game will come down to this: Jordan Wynn and the Utah offense will sputter, and BYU, led by Max Hall, will march all over the Utes to give the home crowd a reason to celebrate 24 hours from now.

Prediction: BYU wins, 28-20

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