Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An early look at BYU Hoops

Last night was my first real look at the BYU men's basketball team. I saw them play at the Cougar tip-off, but this game was an actual exhibition against Central Washington University.

BYU blew out the Wildcats, with five Cougars scoring in double digits. Charles Abouo was my MVP. He had a big second half and the play of the game — a drive-in hammer dunk that made the crowd go wild.

I don't go into these exhibition games expecting a competitive game, though. Rather, I see this as an opportunity to take a look at our new guys. I was specifically interested in Brandon Davies and Tyler Haws.

Davies, to me, is the more exciting of the two. He's lean but not skinny. He's tall but not lurpy. He's smooth and athletic, and he can bang with the best of 'em down on the blocks.

I'm excited about the future of Brandon Davies. Even as a freshman he shows a real knack for playing around the hoop. He's a lot lighter on his feet than Chris Miles, and he will get some good time this season.

Tyler Haws was also impressive. He's a long-armed wingman, not unlike Lee Cummard. He was aggressive with the ball, and he was tough on defense. I especially liked what he did when he didn't have the ball. He was moving around, setting screens and going after boards. He made a couple big shots, including a few threes.

In short, he's wiry and tough, and he's got a great shot. He's a perfect fit for BYU's system.

The rest of BYU's team are who we've come to know and love:

Jimmer Fredette is amazing.

JT is a shooter, and an extremely underrated defender and rebounder

Chris Miles is a big body who continues to frustrate me.

Charles Abouo is solid, with flashes of brilliance

All in all, we'll have a pretty great team this year. The first real game of the season is this Friday vs. Bradley. Don't miss it.


Evan said...

I am excited about Cougar hoops this year. I must disagree with your line about JT actually playing some defense.

Heath and Shareen said...

How about the Human Bandage? Emory is my favorite player. I haven't seen the Cougs play yet, but I intend to this weekend.

Trav said...


please join me at the marriott center friday night with whitened hair in honor of dave rose.