Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gutting it out

Am I the only one that thought this weekend was a little more exciting that it should have been?

It started out on Friday night. BYU Hoops hosted Bradley from the Missouri Valley Conference. I automatically assume every game at the Marriott Center (especially the first few non-conference games) will be a blow out, but dang it if those Bradley Braves didn't keep things interesting.

They were quick off the dribble, they were great shooters and they had size. Who knew?

Fortunately we have Jimmer Fredette.

It was impeccable timing by our all-everything junior guard that he burst on fire at the exact moment that I had the thought "Man, Jimmer Fredette really needs to take over this game." He nailed 14 huge free throws down the stretch and guided the Cougars to a 70-60 win.

Jonathan Tavernari is a roller-coaster, by the way (as if you didn't already know that). I still say he gets a bad rap by BYU fans, but missing his first 20 shots didn't do much to endear him to the crowd. At least he ended strong.

As far as football goes, give some credit to the blowbos of Albuqueerque. They played some inspired football on Saturday, and, despite being incredibly bad, they gave BYU a game.

I was actually impressed with our defense, which played well enough to win. They were aggressive, which is always good. The Hobos just planned a great game, and those little screens killed us when we blitzed. I don't know how, but they read our blitzes like a book.

For some reason Max Hall and the offense weren't in sync. I was disgusted by the dropped balls. And where was our running game? Utah ran for over 200 yards just two weeks ago against UNM, but BYU wasn't even able to break the century mark. Harvey Unga must be hampered by injury because he looked sloooooow.

But, in both football and basketball, the fact remains: We won both games. Through all the anxiety, excitement, heart-failure and flop-sweat, we still pulled out two gutty victories.

Good weekend for the Cougs.

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