Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jordan Wynn: The key to a BYU victory

Jordan Wynn, pictured here two weeks ago at the Oceanside High School homecoming, will be the key player in Saturday's rivalry showdown.

The pimply faced, silk-mustached freshman will be thrust into the rivalry fire, and his performance will dictate the outcome of the game. Will he fold like my grandpa after Thanksgiving yams, or soar like a red-tailed hawk? How will this li'l guy handle one of the biggest, most heated rivalries in the country?

Wynn has demonstrated some impressive talent thus far. He took a faltering Utah offense and turned them into a high-scoring machine. He replaced a flaccid Terrance Cain in the middle of Utah's game vs. Wyoming, and the Ute offense has been better than ever.

Wynn's best weapon is his super-accurate deep ball. It doesn't hurt that he has some pretty talented receivers on the other end, but Wynn is the kind of guy that will get 250 yards on 12 completions. Dude just likes to throw the ball.

He has a 55% completion rate, and has thrown 5 TDs and 2 INTs in 3.5 games of work. Last week vs. San Diego State Wynn was 14-28 for 195 yards and one TD. That's about par for the course for the greenie; he's not the kind of guy that will produce eye-popping stats, and his coaching staff will keep things simple for him and let the running game take care of the dirty work.

Unfortunately for Wynn, pedestrian stats like that won't be enough to beat the Cougars on Saturday.

The greasy-faced freshman will have to be the hero if Utah is to walk away with the win. BYU won't let the Utes run wild, and the only thing that will keep our offense off the field is long, sustained drives with a lot of different throws to a lot of different receivers. Frankly, I don't think J-Wynn can do it.

Additionally, Wynn has the pressure of playing in a crazy rivalry as a true freshman. He's never seen anything like this before, and I really believe you need to have some experience in this rivalry before you can have success. Wynn is going to look lost out there, and the emotion of the crowd will catch him off guard.

It's all going to come down to Jordan Wynn on Saturday, and that is great news for BYU fans.


Trav said...

jordan wynn sucks

Anonymous said...

Great blog! As a U fan I find it entertaining and fun to read. I don't think that much hinges on Wynn's play. He probably will have a repeat of the last couple weeks, 50% completion, a few deep balls to Reed. Although Utes recievers are more athletic than Y's DB's I think the Y front seven will put some good pressure on Wynn holding him to average day. However, Wynn has little pressure compared to Hall, Wynn being a true freshman and Hall being 5th year senior, along with last years rivalry preformance in the back of his mind, and BYU at home being favored. I think Hall is the difference maker either way.