Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pick 'em update: Air Force

I find Air Force is a pretty simple game to pick. We're always going to beat them by about 17-20, and the score is always going to be in the 35-17 range.

BYU just knows how to play the Falcons. We don't have a hard time with them like some other teams do.

I guess a lot of people knew this secret too, because we saw a lot of high scores this week.

Ironically, on a week that everyone seemed to pick up some points, our two leaders didn't do so hot. Andy got a meager 23, and Ashley only picked up 20 points. Aaron W. is our big winner of the week, scoring 36 big ones.

Here are this week's scores:

Name Total Score
Aaron W. 36
Cindy 36
Kenny 36
Matt Orme 36
Ty 36
Becky 35
PJ 35
KO 34
Seth 34
Adam 33
Chris W. 33
Jeris 30
Jon 30
Mars 30
Rodney 30
Ross 30
Spencer C. 30
Travis 29
Gus 28
Matt Olsen 28
Trizz 28
Cade 27
Peter M. 27
Justin 26
Lesley 26
Russell O. 26
Andy 23
Eliot 23
Rusty 22
Ashley 20

1 comment:

Triz said...

From now on, I'd like you to post the winner's actual prediction so we can see how their mind works. Did they get BYU's score right? Or the other team's? Off by a hair on both? I'd just like to see, that's all.

So yeah, for 2 more games.

And El Jefe is being a gay.