Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pick 'em update: UNM

Your New Mexico Picks were pretty good, but no one guessed that BYU would be so anemic on offense.

Andy, however, did more to solidify his title defense. For the second week in a row Andy O. notched the highest score. Only two more weeks to take him down...

I would also like to point out that Andy made all his picks at the beginning of the year. He hasn't changed a-one.

I'm proud you're my brother, Andy.

Here are this week's scores:

Name Total Score
Andy 31
Justin 31
Ashley 30
Becky 28
Cade 28
Gus 28
Matt Olsen 28
Matt Orme 28
Ty 27
Knipps 25
Mars 25
Ross 25
Seth 25
Cindy 23
Adam 21
Jeris 21
Jon 21
Kenny 21
KO 21
PJ 21
Rodney 21
Russ 21
Trizz 21
Aaron W. 20
Benjy 20
Chris W. 20
Eliot 20
Peter M. 20
Russell O. 20
Spencer C. 20
Travis 20

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