Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pick 'em update: Utah

Rise all loyal Cougars!

The best thing about beating Utah is it's a win that lasts a full year. The Holiday season is sweeter, the Bowl games are better and BYU's senior class is instantly transformed into heroes.

Such was the case last night when Max Hall and Andrew George hooked up for an amazing touchdown strike in overtime that will live on in the annals of rivalry lore.

Now on to the matter at hand. Last night's game was the final game in the ASB Pick 'em contest, and we now officially have a winner. Without further adieu, here are this week's scores:

Name Total Score
Gus 37
Seth 37
Spencer C. 36
Adam 35
Ross 34
Russell O. 34
Becky 33
Chris W. 33
PJ 33
Jeris 30
Rodney 30
KO 29
Jon 28
Travis 28
Trizz 28
Justin 25
Knipps 25
Cade 24
Mars 24
Matt Orme 24
Rusty 24
Peter M. 23
Aaron W. 22
Cindy 21
Ty 21
Andy 20
Eliot 20
Lesley 20
Matt Olsen 16
Ashley 0
Benjy 0


Eliot said...

Just for the record, even though I didn't get any points on predicting the correct scores, I did predict an overtime win for BYU. It included Utah kicking a field goal in the first possession of OT and then a 25-yard TD pass, but a few other extraneous details.

Triz said...

In defense of my wife for only getting 20 points...... she did predict a 62-3 blowout by BYU. That should count for something right?