Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The rebound

It's been a long, good break for me.

Long-time readers know that I am wont to take the occasional break from my blog. Usually it comes after a disappointing or embarrassing loss by the Cougs.

Right on cue, I took a little hiatus after BYU's horrible showing against TCU. I lashed out at friends and family, I curled up in a ball in the corner of my room, I threw projectiles at my television — but I was very careful to not take my hurt feelings out on the blog. I wouldn't do that to my loyal readers.

So how am I feeling right now? I think the same way a lot of Cougar fans are feeling. Still hurt, but ready to move on. The TCU loss lingers &mdash mostly because it was the kind of loss that shakes a fan's foundation. It forces fans to ask the hard questions:

Is it the players?

Is it the coaches?

Have we hit the ceiling?

Is this the best BYU will ever be?

I've spent a lot of time discussing possible answers with friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers, and now I'm ready to see the team play again. I'm anxious to see how BYU will respond to the big loss, but more than that I'm anxious to stop talking and start watching the game I love so much.

I think the Cougars will end the season strong. I think we'll beat Wyoming and New Mexico pretty easily, and then take care of business against Air Force at home. Utah will be another great game, and I'd like to believe we can finally beat a good team at home.

This weekend is about the rebound, and BYU will rebound. We all do, eventually.

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