Friday, November 06, 2009

(Some) BYU fans are idiots

I just read this article in the Provo Daily Herald, and I'm officially upset.

Some BYU fans are losers, and they need to get a life fast.

I've been thinking about this subject for a little while now, but reading the DH article was the spark that finally got me to address it on the blog.

I know I've been critical of BYU recently. The losses to Florida State and TCU put me in a state of anger and frustration that was hard to crawl out of. But during my frustration I never — NEVER — even thought about doing some of the stupid crap outlined in that story.

I never booed.

I certainly never called for Max Hall's replacement.

I never got in the face of BYU players.

I never egged a coach's car.

And so on. The so called "fans" I'm reading about who did participate in any of the above activities should be dragged outside Provo city limits and banned for life. We don't want you, and we definitely don't need you. Go be Utes.

Freaking idiots.

Fans, it's time to check yourselves. It's time to remember that, win or lose, you love the Cougars. If you love a team YOU DON'T BOO THEM. If you love a team, YOU DON'T PICK FIGHTS WITH THE PLAYERS. Max Hall will end his career at BYU as the winningest quarterback in school history — DON'T WHINE FOR RILEY NELSON.

And last but not least, don't freaking douse one of your coach's cars with eggs. Idiots.

Seriously, BYU fans that are doing this stuff are losers. Love your team. Love them even when they don't finish every season undefeated. It's okay to be frustrated, but the minute you make it personal or physical, you've crossed the line.

"Ridiculous," senior Jorgensen called it. "Fans are always going to be fickle and be up and down, but there's a certain point where it crosses the line. In our own stadium, this stuff is ridiculous."


Kraig said...

Dude, I was carrying my groceries home and tripped. The coach is taking this way to fact, he should buy me a dozen eggs to replaces those that I dropped when I tripped.

ali said...

well said Adam! That kind of behavior is for Utah fans, we expect more from our fans down here.

Grow up a little, eh?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, except to your silly reference to Utes. But then again, you are a BYU fan.

Matt said...

I couldn't agree with you more, although, I do enjoy a good hearty BOO. I think it is good for the fans and the players alike to bring to BOO birds out every once in a while. It is healthy.

Jake said...

I definitely agree that verbally assault or vandalism are way out of line. I can support a bit of booing, as a way to express my displeasure at poor coaching usually.

Certainly as part of the privilege of the fame that comes with playing for a top football program (free education, room & board. Practice facilities, travel expenses, etc, etc.) there are negatives like having someone say something mean about you or to you or to your family members. Certain things should never be said, but there are a lot of things that players and their family should be willing to put up with hearing.

If someone thinks Riley Nelson could do a better job than Max, I think they should be able to say it. Even if Mrs. Hall is sitting nearby.

To be honest, this sounds more like typical BYU fan complaining than what I hear about with Ute fans.