Friday, November 20, 2009

The Triple Option

I find it hard to talk bad about the Air Force Academy.

Sure, they're our opponent this weekend, and all BYU opponents deserve to be heckled, but Air Force represents so much more. As an institution they symbolize something that transcends any silly football game. Something strong and powerful. Something that lives on in the hearts of hard-working men and women all across this great land.

I'm speaking, of course, about the triple option, wing-T offense.

The Falcons play football the way God intended it. They play with heart, determination, and a fullback. They chew up the clock, they dive at your ankles and they run it right up the gut. Every time.

This is a team whose quarterback is lucky to throw the ball more than five times a game.

This is a team who rarely breaks the three-hour mark when playing on Saturday.

This is a team who will pitch, pitch again and pitch some more.

I love watching Air Force play. The Wing-T has always been my personal favorite offense (although I continually struggle to find the right kind of friends who can run it effectively). The option is a thing of beauty, and there's nothing quite like watching a team execute it to perfection.

The only thing better, in fact, is watching a team defend it with perfection. BYU has always fared well against the option attack of the Air Force Falcons, especially recently. We play great assignment defense, and the ball won't go over our heads.

Bronco Mendenhall has never lost to Air Force as a head coach, and I see no reason why that trend won't continue.

BYU 35, Air Force 17


TCU 38, Wyoming 3
SDSU 28, Utah 24 (Upset special!)
New Mexico 24, CSU 17

**Bonus Pick**

Ohio State 38, Michigan 20

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