Friday, December 04, 2009

For the record

Despite the nauseating bravado provided by the Utah media surrounding Max Hall's famous post-game comments, Hall's words are nothing new to this rivalry.

In fact, it might surprise some dirty Utes out there that (gasp!) even Utah players and coaches have publicly declared hatred for "that team down south."

Here's a few:

Wayne Howard, Utah Head Coach from 1977 - 1981
"I hate BYU"

Brett Elliot, Utah Quarterback in 2002
"Everybody hates BYU. They're so cocky it's ridiculous."

Alex Smith, Utah QB in 2003-2004
"I really hate them."

Morgan Scalley, Utah Safety in 2004
"I hate those pr*cks... ever since I was born."

Weird, right?

So before you Utah fans get so indignant and offended, do me a favor and (in the immortal words of Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy) get yer facts straight.


Allen said...

Dude, I've seen this thing get far more attention on BYU fan blogs like yours than I have anywhere else.

Ya'll just can't stand the fact that Maxie Pad's rant completely overshadowed your win over Utah. Hey, I'd be upset too. Here's a tip: if you want everyone else to get over it, you get over it.

Jess said...

Not true, Allen. From the Facebook group "Max Hall hates me and thinks I'm classless": Congrats on reaching 12,000+ fans that are hated by Max Hall!! To celebrate, Redstone Design donated a "Max Hall Hates Me" T-shirt on behalf of Max to the fan that leaves the most creative comment to the question "How would you show your love (or hate) to Max Hall?"

The Utes are running with this as hypocritically as they say the Cougars are about everything else. Sweet justice.

James Jones said...

Isn't BYU supposed to be a different kind of institution where cheerleaders and football players have mission statements that make them sound like apostles? Mission statements like "to be the flag bearer of Brigham Young University through football excellence and to embrace truth, tradition, virtue and honor as a beacon to the world." In addition to breaking the MWC rules on sportsmanship, Max also broke the BYU Honor Code. Or does "at all times and in all things and in all places" not apply to BYU's QB while at LES? Here's another sample of your classy leader's virtue and honor.

Good job as a representative of the Church.