Monday, December 07, 2009

Going Bowling

It's official: BYU will meet Oregon State in the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl.

[insert Cougar/Beaver joke here]

While it wasn't the matchup I wanted (I was dreaming of a BYU/Stanford clash), I am pretty excited about this game. For one thing, I think BYU has the fire and desire to bring home the 2009 LV Bowl trophy, whereas last year I got the feeling we were just going through the motions.

Also, we finally have a decent representative from the Pac-10. No more 6-6 UCLAs or Arizonas.

Oregon State is a good team. Quizz Rodgers is a little firecracker, and his brother James is a big-time playmaker. It'll be interesting to see how BYU matches up with OSU's athletes.

If our offense is on, though, BYU will blow them out. It won't be close.

Another interesting bowl game is the Fiesta Bowl. And by interesting I mean infuriating.

The 2010 Fiesta Bowl is pitting the TCU Horned Frogs against the Boise State Broncos. It's actually going to be a great game, but the fact that they put the two non-BCS teams in the same bowl game drives me crazy. It's an effort to reward two great teams, but at the same time keep them from playing in any meaningful games.

The selection committee is bound to grant both teams BCS bowl berths, but they won't allow them to play actual BCS teams

Why? Because the BCS is scared. They don't want any more flack from the non-BCS crowd. They don't want TCU to beat Florida and go through the same mess they went through last year with Utah.

And what happens when Boise State beats Cincinnati? Then there would be chaos.

No, they would never let that happen. They're cowards.

It's insulting.

Now TCU and Boise State will battle each other like toddlers fighting over the last drumstick on the kids table. One will win the game, but both will lose the chance to prove how REALLY good they are.

It's a crying shame, and it's yet one more reason why I hate our corrupt college football post-season.


Evan said...

Oh Adam, where do I begin. First off thank you for helping to realize I need to pull for the Beavs on this one. This will be the first game that I have not cheered for the cougs since I discovered I had arm pit hair. Secondly, your are mistaken if you think even if BYU's offense is on this is going to be a blow out. When you talk like that it reminds me of how great you think JT aka "Mr. 2 for 834" is. Lastly, I do like the match up but I think ultimatly the speed of OSU will be too much for the Cougs to handle. It will be close, are you going? And will you allow me to sit by you in orange?

Adam said...

Did you know BYU (statistically) has a better offense, a better defense, a better quarterback, more wins and more points per game than Oregon State?


BYU by 50.


Eliot said...

The Fiesta Bowl situation is completely baffling to me. Is there some way to campaign for the AP to vote TCU the national champs after they shred BSU?

Shareen said...

You called it like it is. The BCS is a trave-sham-mockery! You're right--they are afraid of the non-BCS schools beating their big boys and they WOULD! It does make me feel better about BYU's 2 losses because if BYU would have made the BCS this year, they would get to play Boise! Big deal!! (I'm sure Boise and TCU feel the same way. They must be as sick as I feel.)I wanted to see TCU take it to Florida! It's even worse because they played each other last year. Kinda like BYU in the NCAA BB tournament....