Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Max Hall for Offensive POY

I know there's been a lot of Max Love on this blog lately, but I had to make one more plug for Max before today's MWC awards are announced.

Max Hall deserves to be named Offensive Player of the Year.

Currently, Max leads the conference in (get ready):

Passing Yards
Passing efficiency
Total Yards
Completion percentage
Touchdown passes

And he has been named MWC Player of the Week nine times, including an honor after the Air Force game in which Max threw 5 TD passes.

If Hall doesn't get the Offensive POY award for 2009, I will be forced to make some very hasty comments about the MWC officials who run the ceremony. Don't test me, MWC. Do the right thing.


Not surprisingly, TCU's Andy Dalton was named the 2009 MWC Offensive Player of the Year, and not Max Hall. This proves once again that the MWC awards are a complete joke.

These are supposed to be individual awards, but the MWC is instead using these honors to create more publicity for the undefeated TCU, who swept all post-season awards (Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year).

This comes one year after Utah did the same thing, even though Austin Collie was clearly the MVP of the league (not Brian Johnson).

Disappointing, MWC. I thought you were better than that.


Justin said...

When do they announce the award?

Triz said...

Although you're right, he won't get it. It'll go to Dalton. He's the QB on the best team, and that's what the award has turned into.

Should have been Collie or Max last year, but instead, it went to Brian Johnson. Why? Because he was the QB on the best team.

It's lame, but we both know it's true. The award isn't actually about the best offensive player in the league.

Rock said...

Did you get those stats before or after the Utah game?

I'd like to see it go to Max, but I wouldn't have any issue with it going to Dalton. He's been running a machine of an offense in TCU.

Triz said...

Told ya Hambone.

chrislipscomb said...

Are you serious? you really thought Max "I throw interceptions under pressure" Hall should have received it over Dalton. Please.