Monday, December 14, 2009

Our three bigs

BYU has some talented basketball players this year, and this might be the deepest team I can remember. We've got five solid starters, and bench players that could be starters at any other MWC school.

My personal favorite position to watch is the five. That's the position I played growing up, and it's the position that interests me the most. I always try to keep an eye on our big men.

With apologies to James Anderson, whom I like but has taken a bit of a reserve role, I'd like to offer up my thoughts on our three bigs.

Chris Miles is an enigma. He's tall, he's big and he's athletic, yet we're all still waiting for him to really break out and become the player we all want him to be. He shows flashes of brilliance (like last year against Utah and this year against Utah State), but he lacks consistency. Sometimes he will make powerful moves to the basket, but other times he won't score a single point.

Lately Chris has been playing very well. He still plays with hesitation, but he is taking good shots and he's finishing. He's got a great FG% so far in this young season (56%, highest among starters), and he's shooting 82% from the FT line.

Overall, including offense and defense, Chris Miles is our best big man. But Chris, you REALLY need to stop hesitating when you get the ball down low. I can't believe how many dunks you've given up because you do a little power dribble/pump fake. Be strong, and don't hesitate.

Noah Hartsock is just barely behind Chris Miles as far as quality is concerned. Noah has a huge upside, and he's leaps-and-bounds more athletic than he was last year (count it as mission rust).

Hartsock shoots the ball well (think Keena Young, but more range), and he finishes around the basket; he's reliable on the fast break. Not only that but he plays great defense. He's not quite as good as Miles yet on the defensive side of the court, but he will be. Noah leads the team in blocks and rebounds.

As of now, Hartsock has the most upside of all three bigs. A far cry from last year, remember?

Finally, there's Brandon Davies. I think I speak for everyone when I say Davies is exciting to watch. He's probably the most exciting five since... Trent Plaisted. I know Plaisted was just here, but it seems like it's been a long time since we had an athletic post who was hungry for the ball and looked for the basket.

Davies is that guy.

He doesn't have any eye-popping numbers yet, but B.D. definitely passes the eye test. He makes the most of his time on the court, and he's simply fearless on offense.

His defense is still a liability, which is why he doesn't get more playing time, but that will only improve. Davies will be the guy next year, and might even find himself starting a few games later on this season.

All in all, Davies has a bright future at BYU.

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Shareen said...

Thanks! Enjoyed your comments. What's up with Anderson anyways?